The Best Rose Water Facial Spray

Facial toners are one of the most recommended products by cosmeticians, and still, 48% of women aren't using a toner in their daily routine. Perhaps you've tried introducing a toner into your morning ritual and discovered a dried out and tight skinned result. After an experience like this, it's no wonder so many women ditch the step altogether. So, how can you achieve a fresh and toned face without the harsh and drying side-effects? Ditch the chemically enhanced nonsense and get yourself a natural rose water mist. Ready to get your hands on the best rose water facial sprays? Follow along to learn about the incredible benefits of this natural toner and how you can discover amazing skin with your new mist.

Why Rose Water?

Rose water sprays are the perfect alternative to conventional toners. They boast an amazing array of natural properties including balancing your skin's PH rather than stripping away your natural oils. This eliminates that tight, dried out feeling many alcohol-based products leave behind and bumps your skin into an optimal state. The natural mist will work to improve your skin barrier and decrease the amount of water loss your skin endures on a daily basis. This mean's not only will you be balanced and refreshed, but you'll also stand a better chance at maintaining it throughout the day. Beyond being the perfect toner, the rose has a powerful aromatherapy ability and can reduce the intensity of anxiety. It's perfect to prep for a high-stress day and can actually soothe you into a more relaxed state for bedtime. If you've been missing out on beauty sleep, this will be your best friend for a quality snooze.  Struggling with a stuffy nose? Believe it or not, rose is even known to reduce congestion and get you back to breathing freely. What other toners can do that?

When to Use It

The beauty of this spray is that it's not limited to a once or even twice a day usage. You can use it anytime, anywhere. Literally! Just woke up? No problem. Want to prime your face before your makeup application? Spritz away! Need a pick me up throughout the day? Got that too.  You can even mist your skin with an extra dose before bed (hello restful sleep!). Because this product is balancing your PH instead of altering your skin's state, you can use it as much as you like without leaving your skin dry or irritated. In fact, you'll experience just the opposite.  Over or under makeup, you'll be reaping the benefits of hydrated and smooth skin.

Who Should Use It?

If you've been sticking to the acne-fighting toners to keep your skin in check, we've got great news for you. The best rose water facial sprays are perfect for your oily, pimple-prone skin.  As we mentioned before, rose water is all about your PH balance, which means, you can say goodbye to the overproduction of oil you're getting pretty familiar with. The problem with most oil-controlling products is that they actually strip the skin of necessary oils in an effort to reduce shine and breakouts. This actually forces your skin into a stressed state where it feels it needs to produce more oils to compensate for the dried-out leftovers.  Rose water works to control excess oil production without stripping and maintain a healthy skin barrier. This balance can help calm the redness that you experience from breakouts and reduce acne along with other skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema.  Sensitive skin users will love the anti-inflammatory properties and dry skin will experience a loving drink of hydration. There's no question about it, every single skin type can benefit from this balancing mist, making it the perfect, safe alternative.

Choosing the Best Rose Water Facial Sprays

Ready to start experiencing the best skin of your life? Before you purchase any old spray, let's talk about the best elements to look for in your rose water facial mist.

High-Quality Rose Water

Beware of products that cut corners to produce a cheap product. Rose water enhanced with perfumes may smell stronger, but the scent is only a small piece of the pie.  Here at grace & stella we use high-quality rosa damascena flower water to deliver the best results possible. You'll experience the best face primer spray because of this careful selection.  Rose layers incredible well with any product and is proven to be an amazing base for your skincare and makeup routine. Along with amazing priming abilities, the moisturizing properties make for a perfectly hydrating spray to maintain your beautiful skin and banish that dull, tired look. 

Amazing Aloe Vera 

Utilizing an aloe vera extract with your rose water enhances its ability to reduce redness and heal your skin for a soothing experience.  We've incorporated this element to aid in anti-inflammation, so whether you struggle with acne or your sensitive skin crying for help, you'll love the smooth, toned effects. Just spray this moisturizing mist onto your skin from about 10-12 inches distance and enjoy a freshened-up look.

Anti-Aging Superpowers

Don't leave all the work to your creams and cleansers. The grace & stella rose water facial mist contains a special ingredient called hydrolyzed collagen. This wonder-worker aids your skin in increasing elasticity and hydration, two of the elements that skin loses when it begins aging. Improved elasticity will strengthen your skin and help maintain a youthful appearance while hydration is the key to healthy, beautiful skin. Who would have thought that a toner could boost your anti-aging regimen? Only the best hydrating face mist can pull off this double-time benefit. 

Embrace the Rose Water Difference

With so many amazing perks, it's time to jump on the rose water boat and start experiencing beautiful, balanced skin. Now that you know exactly what you need in your mist, you'll be unveiling a clear, hydrated canvas anywhere you go.  Let your skin sing with thank you's while you mist your way to a rosy new realm. Ready for the best rose water facial sprays? Get your hands on the crowd favorite and claim your grace & stella rose water mist today. 

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