rose quartz roller

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This rose ain’t thorny.

Rose quartz, heralded as the stone of love and healing, has usage dating back to Roman and Egyptian times. The crystal emits a vibration that releases tension, calms inflammation, and encourages cell restoration. Can someone say 'feel-good moment'?

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Rolling technique tightens & tones facial structure

Chilled rose quartz stone de-puffs & minimizes wrinkles

Improves product absorption of your favourite products

1. Roll large roller over cheeks, neck, jawline, and forehead in an outwards motion towards the periphery of your face.
2. Roll small roller over the under-eyes and lips in an outwards motion towards the periphery of your face.

A feel-good moment
Increasing circulation and boosting radiance
Closing and tightening pores
Calming inflammation & redness

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why we love it

Massively popular in ancient Chinese skincare, rose quarts face rolling has taken the beauty world by storm for it's long list of benefits. It assists in lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, depuffing, and relaxation. Oh and did we mention it feels amazing?

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don't just take our word for it

"I am loving the rose quarts roller. It came in adorable packaging, and i especially love using it after putting it in the fridge. It works really well and is an added bonus to my evening beauty routine. Amazing purchase!" Danielle

how to use

Use bigger end of facial massager tool over cheeks, neck, jawling, forehead to relieve headaches and jaw clenching pain, increase blood circulation, and stimulate collagen production.

Use smaller end of roller massager in eye contours and around lip area to reduce under-eye puffiness & reduce fine lines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 788 reviews
Chantelle Beauchamp
Doesn’t squeak

This is great quality. Every time I buy one of these for an affordable price, I find that they always squeak. This one does not. I’m so happy!


it was good

Me and My boyfriend love it!

Love this product!

Caroline F.
Perseverance was worth it

Absolutely love this when I finally got one that wasn’t faulty! Had to order 4 before I could make a good one out of two faulty ones. The kept having quite sharpe imperfections on the rollers.

Please restock awesomeness

I only got one facial set and gave it to my boss for her birthday. She absolutely loves it and recommended I get one. It has been out of stock since. lol.

Navy Ingram
Exactly as I imagined.

The quality of the stone is what I was hoping, its heavy, keeps cold long and smooth rolling on the skin.

Lucy W
Strong as Steel

Only it's not steel, but authentic rose quartz.
Today, I put the roller on top of my hamper, and by accident it fell into the bathtub. I was devastated to think it had shattered to pieces. When I picked it up, the large quartz slid off the roller, but I was able to easily reattach it to the hooks. I examined the stone itself and it was good as new!