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konjac facial cleansing sponges

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The Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge acts as a gentle exfoliator, rubbing off dead skin cells in the most delicate manner, while its natural fibers effectively and simultaneously cling dirt and makeup away from your skin.

Key Benefits

- Wipes off stubborn traces of makeup on your face.

- Treats clogged pores and acne, resulting in a smoother and clearer complexion.

- Acts as a gentle cleanser and exfoliator to make skin look more radiant. 


1) Rinse and soak the sponge under warm water until sponge expands and is soft. (The sponges will be firm upon first touch). 

2) Gently cleanse your face with the sponge. 

3) Use circular motions around your face to exfoliate and remove dirt. 

4) Can be used with cleanser to create a rich lather although this may shorten the lifespan of the sponge.

5) Rinse sponge after each use and let dry. Repeat morning and night for best results. Use daily.


Includes 2 Konjac Sponges. One for morning and one for night.

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