5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Eyelash Growth Serums

Lash extensions are a necessity for a lot of women right now. They add a little bit of drama into your everyday look and they help you wake up looking flawless!  Lash extensions are great, but it'd be easier to naturally have long lashes and eyelash growth serums are what will do just that! Before picking up any serum though, there are a few things you should consider.  Keep reading for six factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right eyelash serum for you. 

1. Do Eyelash Growth Serums Work? 

The short answer is yes, but not all serums are created the same. The purpose of eyelash serums is to affect the growth cycle of eyelashes and accelerate the growing process.  There are several eyelash growth serums on the market and as with anything, some are proven to be more effective than others. So yes, they do work and the grace & stella eyelash lengthening & growth serum is our favourite for many reasons including its multiuse functions! Not only will it help your lashes, but it'll also thicken your brows, and who doesn't love a two for one deal?

2. References and Reviews 

Once you've narrowed down your search to a few serums, you should always check the reviews. A product may claim to do something but the customers may have a different experience. Read them carefully and look at as many before and after pictures as you can.  Make sure to pay attention to the pros and the cons of each product and use your discernment from there. Buying serums online is great for this reason because you can take in multiple reviews for each brand you're interested in. You're not granted that same luxury when shopping in stores. 

3. Eyelash Serum Ingredients 

Ingredients are a huge factor when buying any beauty products because you don't want to run the risk of getting an infection. For this reason, many opt for all-natural products because it's assumed to be much safer.  It's important to read and research the ingredients list in detail before buying. Does anything on the list stand out as alarming to you? Or is there anything that you're allergic to?  The whole purpose is to nourish and grow, so you want your serum to do just that. For all our sensitive skin and environmentally conscious readers, we're pleased to offer an all-natural and vegan serum filled with nutrient-rich ingredients!  

4. Are There Any Dangers? 

You'll also want to look at what the possible side effects are for the serums you're considering. This differs from allergic reactions from ingredients because they could happen to anyone and they range in severity.  Make sure you understand what could occur from using the serums, if you're at a higher risk for them, and how severe those effects may be. 

5. How Often Do You Need to Apply?

It's recommended that customers apply our serum once a day, preferably as part of your nighttime skincare routine on clean lash lines. While results vary for each product, customers can expect to see eyelash growth between 30 to 60 days of using the product. 

Bat Those Lengthened Lashes

Eyelash growth serums can open up your face and elevate even the most casual looks. Before making your purchase, make sure to do appropriate research so you make an informed buying decision. After all, no one wants a product that doesn't work!  We're excited to offer a reliable product that's customer-approved for its ease, effectiveness, and affordability. You can still achieve naturally long and thick eyelashes, even if you weren't born with them!  Are you ready to transform your look with thick, beautiful natural lashes? Then our eyelash lengthening and growth serum may be the answer to your solution!  

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