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Bath Bombs


Bath Bombs


We take bath time serious...seriously fun, that is.

There's simply nothing more relaxing than a nice, warm bath... or is there? Spoiler alert: there is, and it's this bath bomb set. grace & stella’s all-natural bath bombs offer a spa-quality way to relax and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. With bath accessories like this, self-care is not just an activity...it's a lifestyle.

The best thing about our bath bomb kit? It simply has to be the smells. Our bath accessories set is complete with 12 assorted scents for any occasion. The aromatherapy aspect of bath bombs are pleasant and relaxing - scents like grapefruit can energize you, lavender can calm you, and lemon can recharge you. Whether it be refreshing peppermint or rejuvenating jasmine, we got your back for a top-qual, 5-star spa experience.

Individually-wrapped 120g bath bombs, including 12 assorted scents: Energize (Grapefruit), Keep Calm (Lavender), Good Vibes (Red Rose), Recharge (Lemon), Refresh (Peppermint), Wellness (Chamomile), Rejuvenate (Jasmine), Harmony (Vanilla), Moisturizing (Coconut), Awaken (Eucalyptus), Stay Sweet (Apple), Desire (Ylang Ylang).



Bath Bombs


What makes this magical?

  • All-natural ingredients

    Our bath bombs set are made from all-natural ingredients and include moisturizing properties such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, and Olive Oil.
  • Cleanses the skin

    Cleanses the surface of the skin to help loosen dirt and oil. Can rejuvenate dull tired skin, leaving you feeling radiant.
  • The perfect gift

    Our amazing bath bombs come in a cute box which makes it the perfect gift. Comes with 12 relaxing and refreshing scents.
  • Feel good tip

    To create the ultimate relaxing bath experience, take our bath pillow with you!
bath bomb lavender image bath bombs image of bath bomb

Feel good tip

To create the ultimate relaxing bath experience, take our bath pillow with you!

How to Use

How to use

Fill your bathtub with warm water and unwrap the bath bomb of your choice.

Drop bath bomb in the tub and let it fizz!

Rumour has it.

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