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Hair Removal Waxing Kit

DIY at-home kit

Wax Warmer Kit

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Hair today, gone tomorrow and for the next few weeks! We know you're tired of shaving. Get a professional, DIY waxing kit all in the comfort of your own home. grace & stella's super simple to use waxing kit comes with everything you need to get started.

CAUTION: Do not use on irritated or broken skin. Do not use within 2 hours of taking a hot shower or sun tanning.

Wax Bean Ingredients: Colopphonium (Rosin), Glyceryl Rosinate, Ethylene VA Copolymer, Beeswax, Paraffin, Glyceryl Hydrogenate Rosinate, Methyl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, C30-45 Alkyl Methicone.

Includes: 1 Wax Warmer, 4 Wax Beads, 10 Applicator Sticks, and Instructional Pamphlet. No wax strip cloths needed.

Clean and dry skin where hair will be removed. Melt wax beads inside pot and heat until completely melted. Test patch to make sure the temperature is not too hot. Using the applicator stick, spread an even, thin layer following the direction that your hair grows. Let wax cool and harden where you have just applied. With one hand, hold the skin taut and with the other hand quickly pull the wax off in the opposite direction of hair growth, in one swift motion.

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