Welcome to the feel-good club.

At grace & stella, we are more than a beauty company. We are a night in, masking with your best friends. We are the cheerleaders to loving the skin you’re in. We make self-care simple and fun. We are reliable, trendy, diverse, and most importantly: real.

Launched in 2016, grace & stella was built on a dedication for ‘feel-good moments’, and the principle that these moments positively impact other aspects of life. Little ‘feel-goods’ domino into big ‘feel-goods’, and we’re here for that.

Meet Adi & Kailee

A husband & wife - and also new parents - with a passion for vegan, cruelty-free, and fun beauty products.

At the very root of it all, we’re real people with a real vision. We value exceptional quality, transparency, and making people - all people - feel great about themselves. As a team, we always strive to have a positive attitude, an unparalleled work ethic, and an innovative mindset. Our top priority is always, always you.

Self-care goes beyond skincare.

It’s about fostering meaningful connections with one’s self, and having fun while doing it.