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Creating feel good moments through exceptional beauty products.

Get to know us

At the very root of it all, we’re real people with a real vision. We value exceptional quality, transparency, and making people - all people - feel great about themselves. As a team, we always strive to have a positive attitude, an unparalleled work ethic, and an innovative mindset. Our top priority is always, always you.

At grace & stella, we are more than a beauty company. We are a night in, masking with your best friends. We are the cheerleaders to loving the skin you’re in. We make self-care simple and fun. We are reliable, trendy, diverse, and most importantly: real.

Adi And Kailee with Eye Masks on

Where it all began

Meet Adi and Kailee. A husband & wife - and also new parents - with a passion for clean, affordable and fun beauty products.

Launched in 2016, grace & Stella was built on a dedication for ‘feel-good moments’, and the principle that these moments positively impact other aspects of life. Little ‘feel-goods’ domino into big ‘feel-goods’, and we’re here for that. Self-care goes beyond skin care—it’s about fostering meaningful connections with one’s self and having fun while doing it.

Kailee putting Eye Masks on Adi
Kailee with original Dr. Pedicure foot peel mask. The founders, Kailee and Adi on TV show Dragons Den pitching grace & stella.

April 2016: Dr. Pedicure Launch

November 2016: Grew product catalog

July 2017: Eye Mask Launch

January 2018: Dragons Den

April 2019: Jessica Alba shares her love for Eye Masks!

Summer 2019: All FabFitFun subscribers received Rose Spray

October 2019: Hit over 2 millions customers

March 2020: Foaming Face Wash Launch

June 2020: Nordstrom Popup

October 2020: Urban Outfitters

November 2020: Cloud 10 Beauty

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Being built on community and loyalty, we want you in our family. The feel-good club is all about transparency, respect, and expression. And of course - there are perks.

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At grace & stella, the sky’s the limit. Join our family and see what we’re all about.