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I've always got your back.

The tool that's going to kick dry, flaky, scaley skin to the curb. Skincare doesn't stop at the face. This vegan dry brush, made of Tampico fibers, boosts lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to eliminate dull skin. We have your back (literally).

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Exfoliation at its finest with stiff but soft Tampico fibre bristles, promoting cell turnover for healthier skin

Increased blood circulation and & lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite

Unclogs pores, to combat impurity build-up and eliminate toxins

1. Use on wet or dry skin.

2. Gently brush legs, back and body in circular motions.

3. Rinse skin and follow up with moisturizer.

4. Use exfoliating side 2-3 times per week to avoid over exfoliation.

Dry, flaky, scaly skin
Glowing up dull, tired skin
Your cellulite woes

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why we love it

Some places are just too hard to reach - but they still need a good clean and proper skincare. Complete with a long-reach wooden handle, it's a simple tool that does a whole lot, like energizing, smoothing the skin's surface amongst increasing healthy circulation,

how to use

Use wet or dry and brush in circular motions. Apply with body wash in the shower or bath. Use exfoliating side 2-3 times per week to avoid over-efoliation.

For maximum lymphatic drainage, brush towards your heart. Follow up with the included body lotion for super soft, supple skin.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Ross
First time user

I have very sensitive skin and I added this dry brush ritual to my daily shower routine. After a week, I had visibly softer and I felt the moisturizer that I applied following went on even smoother.

Really great product

I bought this months ago and wanted to write a review as I really like it. I wanted something which was vegan yet still had firm bristles which this has so it gives a good scrub. I recommend lathering yourself first with soap then scrubbing as otherwise it can be a bit too intense! The product has held together well despite continuous use over several months.

Claudia Valentini
Spazzola per il corpo

Un po' piccola ma facile da usare e arriva cmq dappertutto.

Doriana Gallo
Dry brushing

Efficace senza essere aggressiva, la uso per dry brushing prima della doccia e sono molto soddisfatta

Caroline Rossi
Taille idéale

Cette brosse est très agréable à l’utilisation mais surtout ultra pratique avec son manche court

Adedayo Adeoluwa
Love it

Great small sized dry brush!

Timoteo Lombardi
Grace & Stella spazzola per il corpo

La spazzola è ben fatta ma non è adatta per il corpo come indicato sulla scatola, perchè è troppo piccola.