Rose Quartz Face Roller - The Truth About Face Rollers

Is a rose quartz face roller worth it? If you've been around the world of beauty for some time, you're probably aware that these handheld rollers have taken the skincare world by storm. They populate social media feeds and influencer channels and have become a popular buzzword.  Many people swear by them, and many learn how to use a rose roller because of the fantastic benefits. But what exactly does a rose quartz roller do and are they worth it? Below, we'll break down the truths and the myths behind these popular and aesthetic rollers.  Keep reading to learn more!

Truth: a Rose Quartz Face Roller Contours Your Face

So, what does a face roller do? Have you ever seen a video of a beauty guru rubbing a rose quartz face roller over their cheeks and claiming it contours their face? If so, you've probably thought to yourself, No way. How can that little roller do all that? Well, we've got some good news for you. It's actually true that rose quartz (and other types of face rollers, such as a jade roller) actually contour your face.  Don't believe that this is one of the benefits of face rollers? It all has to do with a rose quartz roller being a great lymphatic drainage face tool. Let's explain.

Rose Quartz and Lymphatic Drainage

The gentle, rolling motion you perform when gliding your roller over your face actually pushes lymphatic fluids toward your lymph nodes. This lymphatic drainage face appliance gives your face a bit of a contour. The coolness of rose quartz can also depuff your skin. Because of this, a rose quartz roller is the best face roller for lymphatic drainage and overall skincare. Yet, this contour is only temporary. Lymphatic fluid will fill your face again. Still, it's a nice benefit of this soothing and aesthetic tool.

Myth: Rose Quartz Face Rollers Slim Your Face

Many face roller users have claimed that rolling on a consistent basis slims your face. For people trying to lose weight, this sounds like a miracle. Unfortunately, though, it's not true that this is one of the face roller benefits. The myth likely arises from the above-stated point that the rollers contour your face. Contouring can give your face some shape, even making it appear a bit thinner. In reality, though, the rollers do not push the fat out of your cheeks.

Truth: Rose Quartz Face Rollers Relieve Stress and Headaches

Do you carry around a lot of stress and anxiety? Do you sometimes get headaches? If so, rose quartz face rollers might be of some help. Some people who use them report that the light massage the rollers gives their face soothes them and relieves some anxiety.  When used on your brows and temples, they also help alleviate headaches.  While these are fantastic benefits, don't use face rollers in place of medical advice. If you suspect your anxiety or headaches may stem from serious problems, seek the advice of a medical professional.

Myth: Crystals Have Proven Medical Qualities

Many people claim that crystals heal, so you might be thinking that a rose quartz crystal in a roller could have some incredible health benefits. Yet, there hasn't been any substantial medical research demonstrating the health benefits of crystals, only personal anecdotes. That's not to say that the anecdotes aren't true. Just that they haven't been backed by scientific research.

Interested in Purchasing a Rose Quartz Face Roller?

So, are beauty rollers worth it, and are facial rollers good for your skin? While there are a lot of myths out there about rose quartz rollers, there's also a lot of benefits. They're good for relieving anxiety and de-stressing as well as encouraging lymphatic drainage and helping you relax. Ready to buy rose quartz facial roller and purchase other great products? Check out our collection!

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