Why Should We Use a Dead Sea Mud Mask?

For thousands of years, people have flocked to the Dead Sea in what is now Israel to partake in its magical powers of rejuvenation. Classical historic beauties like Cleopatra supposedly appreciated its unique mix of natural elements as an enhancement to beauty and wellness. You may wonder how putting mud on your face could possibly help in the cleansing process. The truth is that our Dead Sea Mud Mask is one of the best ways to hydrate, detoxify, and polish your skin, no matter what your age. Here are five reasons why you should treat yourself to the benefits of grace & stella's Dead Sea Mud Mask.

 1. Helps with Breakouts

A mud mask acts like a magnet, drawing impurities out of your pores and cleaning out areas where oil and dirt may accumulate. As the mud dries on your skin, you'll feel your epidermis tighten as the oil and grime are extracted to the surface for you to wash away.  Our Dead Sea Mud Mask helps to fight breakouts. It contains kaolin, a clay that exfoliates your dead cells and increases circulation so that skin marred by blemishes can heal and be less likely to scar.  This clay is great at drawing out the bad stuff, while also providing you with nourishing minerals, salts, and vitamins. 

2. Anti-aging Properties 

grace & stella's Dead Sea Mud Mask is not only for teens and young adults whose skin is prone to excess oil. It is also excellent for older women who want to keep their skin well moisturized in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The exfoliation process helps wash away dead skin to reduce the appearance of lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead. The ingredients of the mud contain essential minerals that help keep skin supple and dewy.  Our Dead Sea Mud Mask uses only healthy contents like shea butter, sunflower oil with antioxidants and vitamin E, and aloe vera. 

3. Helps with Chronic Skin Conditions 

Some people's skin conditions are chronic, irritating, and even painful. The best dead sea mineral products can treat the symptom of skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask will not only purify and detoxify your skin, but its ingredients like aloe vera juice and calendula and jojoba oils can help relieve skin of these different conditions.  (Do a skin test of any product if you suffer from a medical condition, and check with your doctor if you have any allergies.) 

4. Responsibly Made 

If you want your skin to look and feel clear and pure, you need facial products that only contain the purest components. The grace & stella Dead Sea Mud Mask uses natural ingredients like shea butter, with its healthy fatty acids and vitamins. It also relies on natural elements contained in the earth like magnesium, phosphates, sodium and bromides.  We choose sources that are cruelty-free and vegan. 

5. Easy and Fun to Use 

Another benefit to these products is that they save you the time, money and risk of medical procedures like chemical peels and laser resurfacing. You can do them yourself at home or with your girlfriends while enjoying a glass of wine and a good laugh. Your skin and your soul will thank you for it.

Dead Sea Mud Mask: The Key to Beautiful Skin at Any Age  

Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is easy to incorporate into your beauty regimen and will result in years of glowing, healthy skin. Use this technique once a week and you will revel in the benefits.  For more natural, healthy products that will leave you feeling gorgeous, check out all of our grace & stella products. We have inspired a cult following! 

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