Rose Water Mist: 5 Unbelievable Benefits

You've probably heard of it by now—rose water mist. It seems to be the latest and greatest skincare trend. Perhaps you've been wondering if you should get on the bandwagon, or maybe you're doubting if this product is even worth the hype.  To say that rosewater has been healing skin for centuries wouldn't be an exaggeration. It was first used 1400 years ago in Iran out of the Damascus Rose's distilled oil. The product's longevity alone is enough to make you wonder what you've been missing out on. But don't worry, it's not too late to join the club! We've created a product that gives you all the benefits of a rosewater mist, with a couple of additional perks included. It will make this product a key step in your skincare process. Learn about the pros of using rosewater facial spray:

1. Balances Your Skin's pH Level  

According to plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, our skin's natural pH is about 4.7. Depending on what kinds of products you use on your face, they could be altering your skin's pH level, causing your skin to be extra dry or breakout. One of the best parts about using rosewater is that it has a pH of 5.5 and is, therefore, gentle on your skin. Rosewater is known to be effective on every skin type. Just pour a little bit on a cotton pad and dab it on those blemishes. You'll have clearer skin in no time. 

2. It Acts as a Protective Shield 

Whether you are battling dry, flaky skin or trying to prevent your face from getting too shiny, this product will work in your favour. Rosewater mist keeps moisture from escaping your pores, while also keeping your pores from clogging. This isn't all rosewater does to protect your skin either...

3. Say Goodbye to Redness and Puffiness

Sometimes toners and creams don't get the job done. The anti-inflammatory properties in this rosewater—specifically Vitamin C—keep your skin from becoming blotchy, your face from swelling, and that under-eye area from getting baggy. Not to mention, our rosewater mist contains aloe vera to give you that extra healing power. 

4. It Keeps That Skin Looking Youthful 

We're all trying to find a way to keep away lines and wrinkles. Well, the antioxidants in rosewater fight against time and stress by keeping those skin cells fresh and healthy. To go the extra mile, we've also added hydrolyzed collagen to our formula, a property that maintains elasticity in your face. No sagging skin here!

5. Make No Mistake, Rose Water Mist Isn't Just for Your Face

This product is so versatile that you can spritz some on your pillow before bed for a goodnight's rest. Actually, feel free to spray it everywhere whenever you're feeling overwhelmed. The scent of rosewater has calming properties that help reduce stress. If you've got a cold coming on, you can rub it on your chest to help clear some of your congestion. Additionally, you can use it to moisturize your hair. The possibilities are endless, and we want you to make the most out of your purchase. 

Treat Yo' Self and Your Skin Today

With all that being said, we're pretty sure there isn't a downside to using rose water mist. This product's popularity isn't just a fad; it's becoming a staple item. Get your hands on one of the best skin care products around at our shop. 

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