Meet the New Limited-Edition grace & stella Gift Sets

It can be hard to decide what gifts to buy, especially if you're shopping for a loved one during the holidays. These days, many of us prefer to shop ethically, even for holiday gifts. Unfortunately, ethical products can be hard to find. This is especially true if you're vegan. The good news is that there are companies that put ethics at the forefront, and one of them is grace & stella. We provide organic, cruelty-free, vegan skincare products, often in the form of gift sets. Beyonce Knowles once said "Pretty hurts," but with grace & stella gifts sets, it doesn't have to. We'll talk more about these gift sets in this article.

 Skincare Lover Gift Set

Let's jump right in with the biggest skincare gift set that we offer. It includes no fewer than 7 products, and all of them can benefit your skin greatly. One of the things you'll find in this limited-edition skincare set is a Dead Sea mud mask. Mud masks create a layer on the face which pulls unwanted oils and other contaminants out of the skin. The effects of a Dead Sea mud mask last quite a while. In fact, most mud masks need only be used weekly, though there are exceptions. There's also a foot-peeling mask, eye masks to help with wrinkles, rose water mist to moisturize and refresh your skin, a cleansing balm and hyaluronic acid serum. All of these together can make for a great skincare routine. The Skincare Lover gift set has truly earned its name. The original value of this whole package is well over $100, but we're selling it for only $80.00 USD. 

The Perfect Skincare Gift Set

For those who would prefer to spend a little less on skincare, or who don't think they need seven products to keep their skin at its best, there's the Perfect Skincare gift set. This set includes a rose quartz face roller. The face roller is best used to refresh tired, swollen skin. It does this by aiding with circulation, which allows cells to repair and refresh themselves faster. There are also face masks to prevent wrinkles and a peel-off mask to help with blackheads. To top it all off is a pink bubble bag, because you know what makes everything better? Anything that is even remotely like bubble wrap. Another item that improves everything is a bath bomb. We offer incredible bath bombs. They come in packs of twelve for the price of $30. It's like a trip to the spa for a fraction of the price. The Perfect Skincare gift set is available on our site for only $56.

Hydrating and Restoring Skin Bundle

The Hydrating and Restoring Skin Bundle contains three of grace & stella's best-selling products for only $57. Like the Perfect Skincare gift set and the Skincare Lover gift set, this bundle includes a mud mask and anti-wrinkle masks. There's also a special balm that imitates beeswax and removes several forms of dirt, makeup and chemicals

Why You Should Get a Limited-Edition Gift Set from grace & stella

The skincare business may be massive, but grace & stella has managed to stand out anyway. If you want a limited-edition gift set with everything you need to keep your skin strong and healthy, go with grace & stella. You can find more information on our products and how they work on our site. This is only the beginning. We make four other gift sets, the Body Heroes set, the Meet the Gang set, the Ultimate Self-Care set, and the Let it Glow set. Contact us if you have any questions about our company or our products.

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