Everything You Need for the Perfect Pedicure at Home

There's nothing better than a self-care night, right? Ordering takeout, watching your favourite reality tv show, and chatting with your best friend on the phone are nights to live for! What could be a better addition to your self-care routine than a pedicure at home? There are many benefits of pedicures, but going to a salon is expensive. We're here to help you find awesome pedicure products so you can add a DIY pedicure to your self-care routine. 

1. Dr. Pedicure Foot Peeling Mask

The dr. pedicure foot peeling mask is a cult favourite for a reason. Have you ever wondered if it's even possible to remove callouses or heal cracked heels? Wonder no longer. Our foot peel mask will leave you with baby soft feet after remedying callouses, cracked heels, and dry skin. Wear the foot mask for an hour, wash your feet, and your dead skin will begin to peel off in a few days. It may be weird looking, but it sure is satisfying. Your smoother, fresher skin will thank you.

2. Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Under-Eye Masks

Go ahead and give yourself the full spa treatment. While your dr. pedicure foot peeling mask is activating, hydrate under your eyes with grace & stella's anti-wrinkle + energizing under-eye masks. Keep these hydrogel under-eye masks in the refrigerator for an added cooling effect. Place the masks under your eyes for 20 minutes, and your skin will be radiating a youthful glow. Call up Beyonce, because you will wake up like this.

3. Moisturizer 

No pedicure is complete without a soothing moisturizer. We recommend our lavender body lotion. Not only will it leave your feet and legs hydrated and refreshed, but your nose will thank you for the subtle calming scent.

You're Ready for a Pedicure at Home

So long to an expensive salon pedicure, and hello to a pedicure at home. Warning: You may never return to the salon! Our dr. pedicure foot peeling mask and anti-wrinkle + energizing under-eye masks will have you feeling like a queen. Pretty soon your home will be feeling like a castle. Any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us anytime. We can't wait to hear how your dr. pedicure foot peeling mask and anti-wrinkle + energizing under-eye masks improve your DIY pedicures and self-care routine.

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