The Best Rose Water Spray That Actually Hydrates Your Dry Skin

As the brutal, skin-drying winter months arrive in haste, it is vital to consider how you're going to keep your complexion looking as radiant as it does in the summer months. Maybe you're familiar with facial mists and have even tried a rose water spray, and perhaps you know the moisture-locking power and revitalizing effects of rose water facial mists.   But we assure you, you have never tried anything like this.  The signature Rose Water Facial Mist by grace & stella is the best rose water facial mist available on the market. Read on to find out just what makes this stuff as hydrating as it is. 

Our Rose Water Spray Will Strengthen Your Skin Care Routine 

This product is so unbelievably versatile. Wake up in the morning needing to feel refreshed? Skip the cold water to the face routine. It's harsh, constricts blood flow, and to be honest, it's kind of cliche.  Instead, pop off your rose spray cap and mist yourself with a cloud of healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  Its uses are endless. You can spray in the morning, before makeup to prime and protect your skin, after makeup, throughout the day, and to freshen up before bed. You can even use it with a face roller! Want to spray all day? Be our guest. 

Why Is Our Product the Best Rose Water Facial Mist?

To start off, our face mist is always vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. That means we never test our products on animals, only humans. Here at grace & stella, we take deep pride in our dedication to ethical and vegan beauty. The existence of our rose water for face is entirely independent of animal products and labour.  What about its effects? Our product is the best face mist for hydration. Our key ingredients include rosa damascena flower water, which balances your skin's pH level and helps trap in moisture. It also uses aloe vera extract which, if you've ever gotten a sunburn on a beach trip, you know has heaven sent calming effects.  As we said, our rose water spray keeps your face's pH balance in check. But what exactly does that entail? For one, your skin's pH balance has a direct correlation to the prevalence of acne, eczema, and the healing of scar tissue. A few spritzes of the beauty market's best rose water toner can keep this in check. 

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. We start off by using only the best quality rose water, which is procured by steeping rose petals in water for an extended period of time. This process allows the water to soak up the rose petal's nutrients.  Then, our users mist their faces from 10 to 12 inches away, and voila! They feel refreshed and their skin is glowing. It's that easy to take part in rose water's benefits.

Give Yourself a Moment to Feel Refreshed

We get it, the day is long and takes so much out of you. That's why you deserve a moment to pamper yourself with the best rose water spray available.  Comfort and relaxation are only a spray away.  Read more about grace & stella on "Our Story"! And don't forget to check our blog often for beauty tips and updates! 

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