How Do I Care for Cracked, Dry Feet?: A Beauty Lover's Guide to the Best Foot Peel Mask

As we head into winter we begin to see the dreaded cracked heel in its natural habitat. The pain, the soreness, the itchiness, but no worries because we've got your back. Foot peel masks are by far the best answer to how to treat a cracked heel. From at-home remedies to expensive treatments, there are tons of ways to get baby soft feet. But today we're going to talk about our very own vegan, cruelty-free foot peeling mask. But first, there are a few questions we need to answer...

What Causes Peeling of the Skin on the Bottom of a Foot?


How did we end up here, with calloused feet and cracked dry heels? Callouses form in areas where there is constant friction, causing irritation and pressure. Feet are the perfect environment for this type of irritation. Add open-toes shoes and cold weather to the equation, and your feet are a shoe-in for callouses.  Because callouses create hardened skin, when you're walking, the pressure pressing your heels down into the ground causes a spreading effect, cracking your heels. Cracked heels can also stem from:

standing for long hours

not moisturizing 

harsh climates

poor heel support or ill-fitting shoes

Cracked dry heels can even be a sign of more serious health issues like vitamin deficiencies or atopic dermatitis! Paying attention to your feet isn't only a cosmetic concern, it's a physical health concern as well.  Accompanying cracked heels and callouses, some people may experience flaky skin (that skin peeling on the bottom of your foot), itching, and even infection.  But there's a way to change all that. 

Ranked one of the best foot masks on ODE Magazine


The Best Foot Peel Mask

Finally, the answer to the questions "how to remove a callus" and "how to treat a cracked heel": foot peel masks.  Foot peel masks are a chemical peel for your feet that come in the form of sheet mask booties. Combining alpha-hydroxy acids with beta-hydroxy acids, the chemical peel works by keeping the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, from sticking together and by breaking down the thickened skin cells.  The peeling won't begin immediately, it will take a few days to come into effect, however, you can expect peeling to last up to two weeks. The peeling that occurs afterward is not a painful process and should leave you with silky smooth feet! If you're interested in trying it, our dr.pedicure foot peeling mask utilizes glycolic acid (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA) in our vegan cruelty-free formula and is a great place to start. But don't stop there, continue to enhance your foot regime with our foot file set!

Problem Solved ... or Is It?


Foot peel masks are a great way to revitalize your feet, but it won't last forever. That is, it won't without proper care. Once you've done your chemical treatment, continue to moisturize your feet daily and add in regular maintenance.  Our feet are underappreciated. They carry us all day, every day, and get us everywhere we need to go. It's about time for us to step up their self-care routine. Here at grace & stella, our mission is to provide high-quality, cruelty-free products that make you feel good, but it's also to educate. So if you liked this, then check out our grace & stella advice blog to learn about industry insights, style advice, and more!


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