the energizing set

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It's like an energy drink...for your face!

Packed with our most restorative and invigorating products, our energizing set is sure to be the brightening boost your skin needs to start every day fresh and more radiant than ever.

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Curated products that promote healthy circulation for a brightened and even skin tone

Improves lymphatic drainage for a healthier, glowing complexion

Rejuvenates your pores and adds moisture back to your skin

A bright and glowy complexion

Healthy circulation

A moisture BOOST

Energy Drink Eye Masks (24 pairs)
Gua Sha
If eyes could smile eye cream (13g)
Dead sea mud mask (120ml)

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why we love it

Our energizing set is perfect for giving you your much needed pick-me-up every morning so you can face your days with the confidence and radiance of the sun. It's got all you need to cleanse and protect your skin from all the pollutants that you might encounter throughout the day. It also covers up any and all signs of lack of sleep!

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