Your Complete Guide To Microneedling 👏

If you hadn't already heard, Microneedling (or Derma Rolling) is the way forward. This magical little device can transform your skin visibly; reducing the appearance of acne scars, pores, stretch marks, pigmentation, fine lines and smoothing out texture. Yes, it does ALL. OF. THOSE. THINGS. 
Seriously, so many benefits! This at-home treatment can create similar effects to that of a Fractional Laser Treatment which start at around $1,000. 
So, how does it work? The tiny needles in the roller puncture the skin to create small wounds, producing a reaction in the skin similar to healing a wound. This means that the skin would generate new collagen to fill in scars or that new blood vessels would repair and heal the skin. 
Trust us, it sounds way scarier than it actually is! Our Microneedle Derma Roller is made up of 540 0.25 millimeter needles (the smallest you can get) so it's a perfect roller for everyone! 
However, there are some no-nos that you should be aware of before using this tool!
Do not, we repeat, do NOT share your Derma Roller. No matter how much you clean this tool, it is a super intimate skincare tool and strictly one per person. 
Don't use the Derma Roller on:
  • Unclean skin. Be sure that your skin is makeup-free and cleansed (no moisturizer or serum prior either) before use.
  • Raised scars/keloids. There is already overactive collagen in these areas so producing more collagen will just make these scars worse.
  • Active acne. This can irritate your active acne further and spread bacteria across your face through the roller.
  • Psoriasis, eczema, hives, rosacea. Your skin is already very sensitive and irritated in these areas so puncturing these areas can worsen your skin condition. 
Last one: be wary with how often you use your roller. You can eventually start using a 0.25 mm roller daily or every other day (although it's not necessary) but begin using once a week and work your way up to a few times a week at first. 
To wrap up, we just want to emphasize how AMAZING this product is. It can transform your skin and make the current skincare you're using even more effective. You deserve this!
PS. We also delved even deeper into Microneedling and how to use the roller during application, as well as how to clean it, and so on in our YouTube video a few weeks ago - check it out here: 
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