How To Step Up Your Essential Oil Game

We love essential oils! They seem to be everywhere these days but do you know all the amazing uses of essential oils? 

Here are some our favorite essential oils and our favorite ways to easily incorporate them into your daily routine! 


Mosquito repellent and bite relief:

Add peppermint oil into a spray bottle filled with distilled water to repel mosquitos! You can also use the lavender oil on bites as it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties! This is a great natural alternative to shop bought repellent and bite relief.

Hair Growth:

Add a few drops to your shampoo bottle to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss! 


Mix 2-3 drops of lavender oil to a carrier oil and apply it to skin issues like eczema! We love mixing it with coconut oil! You can also apply it to burns as well as it will prevent scarring.  >


Add some drops to your pillow! If you're feeling anxious, add a few drops into your hands and cup them around your mouth and nose. Inhale deeply and enjoy immediate relief! 



Tea tree oil has great antibacterial properties! Rub some on your pimples but be careful if you have sensitive skin as tea tree oil can be very strong! 

Dry Scalp Relief:

Add a couple of drops into your shampoo if you suffer from dry scalp!

Insect Bites and Sunburns:

You can use tea tree oil to sooth any itch from insect bites! You can also mix it into a carrier oil or moisturizer to calm sunburn! 


Pain Relief:

Drop a couple of drops of oil onto your hand and rub the area where it's painful! 

Congestion and Allergies:

Add 2-3 drops on your chest, temples, back of neck and inhale deeply! Apply in the same areas for allergy relief.

Bug Repellent: 

Add the oil into a spray bottle with distilled water! You can also mix the peppermint and tea tree for an extra strength bug repellent.

Essential oils, although a great healing tool, can be very strong on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. We would always recommend diluting it in a carrier oil or distilled water if you haven't applied it on you skin before! Hope you liked these tips and you're ready to step up your essential oils game! 




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