The Best Vanity Mirror with Lights

When it comes to the world of makeup, you are the artist and your face is your canvas. You have a talented hand when it comes to using your makeup to make a statement, and you've been eager to hone your craft and show off more of what you can do. 

The problem is that your lighting is absolutely the worst. You can't see any real detail in your makeup work, and because of that, your results have been a bit lackluster. That said, you don't just want to hang up your makeup career. What's a girl to do in this situation? 

Well, for starters, you could consider looking into purchasing a vanity mirror. Vanity mirrors are specifically designed to help makeup artists see every aspect of their face and their artwork to produce maximum results. 

grace & stella's vanity mirror is everything you need and more. Read more to find out why!

Grace & Stella

Out of all of the mirrors on this list, grace & stella have the most to offer any makeup perfectionist. This tri-fold LED vanity mirror boasts its own stand, so you can place it on any desk and get to work on your preening game. Perfect lighting dots the mirror so you have ample light at every angle - a huge difference from other mirrors that only sport a few lights in comparison. 

The mirrors themselves are generous, being big enough to see all of your facial features from three different angles so you'll never miss anything. There's even enough room for you and a friend to get glammed up together. 

What's more, the left-side panel offers two zoom-in options to help you spot everything - and we do mean everything. Whether you're hunting down imperfections or need the utmost precision with your makeup, you can zoom in to fix yourself up to perfection. 

Priced at only $40 USD, this mirror is certainly not something you'd want to miss out on.

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