Preventing Halloween Makeup-Induced Breakouts

It’s that time of year again! The time to dress up in the most extravagant costumes and the most flashy makeup looks. Now, don’t get us wrong - we LOVE a good glittery space cowboy or a fake-blood-dripping vampire look, but Halloween makeup like fake blood and temporary glue isn’t exactly filled with natural, botanical extracts or nourishing ingredients for the skin. When it comes to removing Halloween makeup, we have to do a good job, and here at grace & stella, we have your back. With our double cleansing duo, makeup residue, dirt, and impurities left on the skin from a long day don’t stand a chance.

The scary part about Halloween isn’t supposed to be the breakouts we get afterward. The most common ingredients found in cheap makeup that could irritate the skin include alcohol, fragrances, artificial dyes, mica (which gives shimmer), glue, adhesives, waxes and oils. Umm...that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a radiant complexion. We combat this through the religious use of our double cleansing duo - grace & stella’s Cleansing Balm + grace & stella’s Foaming Face Wash. There’s nothing like effortlessly melting off that layer of makeup and following it up with a good deep cleanse to unclog your pores. Let’s take you through the steps in more detail:

Step 1: Cleansing Balm

For melting away your makeup - mascara, glitter, fake blood and all. Dissolve a dime-sized amount of balm between fingers and massage onto face. The results are supernatural.

Step 2: Foaming Face Wash

To address your skin directly - our foaming face wash has ingredients to lift dirt from pores, hydrating & smoothing skin for the clearest complexion.

Why is double-cleansing even necessary, you may ask? Well, from the steps above, it’s evident that the first step addresses clearing the makeup from the skin, while the second step addresses a deeper, pore-lifting cleanse. We can’t have one without the other at risk of leaving makeup residue and dirt behind, so we do both. 

Our Cleansing Balm is made from synthetic beeswax (to keep it vegan and cruelty-free) and packed with powerful antioxidants. Through the gentle and massaging application of our nutrient-rich formula, it maintains the skin's elasticity and smoothness. It’s seriously like magic - the waxy-feeling substance in the tub quickly warms and melts between our fingers to dissolve away tough-to-remove mascara and face makeup. Even thick, black-and-white skeleton makeup!


Our Foaming Face Wash is ideal for removing oil, underlayers of makeup, and even hard-to-wash-off sunscreen that may be left behind from a makeup remover. Foam cleansers create a foamy lather and are formulated to really clean out those pores for a fresh and clear complexion. It rinses effortlessly and the cushion-like foaming action leaves skin feeling oh-so-soft. grace & stella’s Foaming Face Wash is great for all skin types - even gentle enough for sensitive skin - but especially for combination and oily skin types to combat all that excess oil with a good bubbly cleanse.


Cleansing Balm

Synthetic Beeswax

Provides the creaminess and effectiveness of beeswax, while staying vegan and cruelty-free. 


    Cetyl Ethylhexonoate

    Protects the skin against moisture loss.

      Vitamin E

      Works as an antioxidant.

        Capric Trigyceride

        Made from coconut oil combined with glycerin. Works as an antioxidant and effectively smooths skin, and acts as a barrier to reduce dryness by decreasing the loss of moisture.

          Foaming Face Wash

          Rosa Damascena Flower Water

          Helps balance pH, tones, primes, moisturizes, hydrates and freshens up your skin. 


          Aloe Vera Extract

          Perhaps one of the most effective calming ingredients out there. For healing, soothing, and anti-inflammation.


            Hylauronic Acid

            Restores skin and locks in moisture, defending the skin against environmental age-factors and pollutants.




              Don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly how to double-cleanse for the greatest results! For our Cleansing Balm, melt a quarter-sized amount in between clean, dry hands. Gently massage product onto dry face to break down makeup, sunscreen, oil, and dirt. Rinse face with warm water or use a damp washcloth. As for our Foaming Face Wash, massage one pump of foamy goodness to a wet face and rinse off. For the finale - and this is very important - don’t forget to follow up with your favorite moisturizer! Halloween makeup can be very drying, and we’re all for well-hydrated skin and a clear complexion when you wake up on November 1! We recommend grace & stella’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum to lock in all that hydration and retain your moisture barrier.

              We’re not looking to dress up in pimples this Halloween, so we want to help you effectively remove allll that harsh makeup that could reek havoc on your skin if left behind. So, stock up with these 2 treats this Halloween to kick acne’s ass.. Who’s scared now? 👻

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