I Tried to Cut My Own Hair and This Is How I Grew it Out

My hair takes forever to grow. It takes an especially long time to grow after a late night impulse decision to cut my own bangs (what could possibly go wrong?). The end result was an uneven fringe and photos forever etched on Instagram that will continue to haunt my dreams. Being the drama queen that I am, I tried every trick, tip and technique that lives in the web-o-sphere. Here are my 4 tried and tested ways to grow your hair fast. 💕


  1. Condition, Shampoo, Condition

Keeping your ends as healthy as possible is essential when growing out your hair because dead ends are easier to break off and make your hair look shorter. If your ends are on the rougher side, you’ll want to try a double conditioning routine. It’s super simple to do. Start with conditioning your ends, which will lock in the much needed moisture before continuing with your regular shampoo. After you’ve rinsed off the suds, be sure to condition your hair one last time to ensure your locks are well hydrated. I love our Organic Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set, which is packed with argan oil, vitamin C and shea butter to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. 


  1. Embrace your Natural Hair Texture

I know, everyone and their mother has told you to stop using heat on your hair. Rest assured, it is the quickest way to promote hair growth. Opt for air drying your hair and embrace your natural hair texture. Easier said than done? I hear you. Try adding a weekly hair mask into your hair care routine to tame your wild mane. By now you should know our team loves argan oil as hair treatment. It contains high vitamin E and fatty acid contents, making it a natural hair and skin conditioner. I use our Rescue My Hair Mask - infused with argan oil, sunflower oil and guava fruit extract. There’s no better time to rock your natural hair texture than breezy summer months. 

  1. Brave the Cold Water

Cold water seals your hair cuticles which means less frizz (hooray!). But if you are like me, you probably don’t enjoy cold showers very much. I found that just rinsing your hair at the end of the shower with cold water is enough to do the trick. All it takes is doing this for a couple seconds at the end of each shower shinier and smoother locks. 


  1. Get a Little Help with Supplements

Even the best of us need a little extra help. I try to maintain a healthy diet with a mix of vegetables and non-processed food, but I still find supplements to be a good backup to fall on in case my work week gets a little too hectic and I order one too many takeouts. Try taking a vegan supplement that contains iron, zinc, biotin and vitamin B12. These nutrients supports hair growth and moisturizes the scalp.

There’s no magic formula to growing your hair faster. It requires a healthy diet and treating your hair gently. That’s why our hair products are all made with clean ingredients that are cruelty free.


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