5 Ways to Stick to Resolutions ✨

New year, new me! But for real though, this year is your year to set resolutions and make them stick! Here are a few of our tried-and-tested tips to help you stay on track and achieve your goals:
1. Be Honest
Be honest with yourself! Set realistic goals that come from YOU, not anyone else around you. It's important to be passionate about the change you're trying to make so make sure that it's something you really want.
2. Start Small
Start small with your resolutions! For example, if you want to start writing, instead of resolving to write an entire novel by the end of the year, aim to write a short story instead to avoid frustration like this:
Or if you want to focus on running, don't commit yourself to a lengthy marathon off the bat - start with smaller distances and work your way up! This can apply to any goal 🙌
3. Be Specific  
Setting a specific target for your goal gives you a sense of what success looks like, as well as a great benchmark to set up a plan to achieve your goal in smaller steps. It also makes it easier to measure progress, which can motivate you in sticking to your resolution! 
4. Talk It Out
Share your resolution with a group! This adds a little bit of pressure to stick to your goal, helps you to hold each other accountable, and also adds some support when trying to reach a difficult goal! We could all use some extra support, right?
5. Track progress
Be sure to track your progress so that you can motivate yourself as you get closer to your goal. Don't forget to celebrate small successes along the way! 
We hope this helped motivate you in sticking to your resolution(s) this year! Make this year yours, xo >

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