The Science of Sleep and Beauty: Night Skincare Routines for Better Skin Health

It is widely known that a night of restful sleep can do wonders for your body, from raising your energy levels to improving your mood. The welfare of your skin also appears in the long list of the benefits of a good night’s sleep. That is the moment when your body goes into total repair mode, and your skin will naturally start the process of reversing the damage it suffered during the day, like absorbing impurities, pollution particles, or UV rays.

The best way to help this process go smoothly is to adopt a good night skincare routine that works well for your skin type. If morning routines are all about protection, bedtime beauty habits should focus on regeneration, hydration, and problem treatment. Your skin is more receptive to the topical products you apply before going to sleep because they are more permeable, so choose wisely and pay attention to every step.

We recommend these key steps to improve your skin health, give you a radiant complexion, and avoid deterioration. Trust us; your skin will be thankful!

Step 1: Cleaning

With or without makeup, this step is very important! Don't let the tiredness of the day ruin your skin since having makeup residue, sweat, and grime accumulated for so many hours accelerates premature aging, increases the likelihood of acne, and degrades the appearance of your skin. In case you have spent your day with makeup on, you will need double cleansing in your night skincare routine – one to remove your makeup and another for deep cleaning, allowing your skin to breathe.


Step 2: Use eye patches

To eliminate visible signs of fatigue and age, like puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles around your eyes, always use eye patches for several minutes before proceeding to the next step of your night skincare routine for glowing skin. To squeeze them to the maximum, you must always apply them on clean skin before applying serums or moisturizers. A mini massage goes a long way in this step – gently rub the area with the tips of your fingers or use a roller to stimulate the microcirculation and make the skin more receptive.


Step 3: Apply serum

Forgotten by some and loved by many, serums are an essential product in any night skincare routine as they play the role of detoxifiers and regenerators. They contain a set of ultra-concentrated ingredients that provide all the beneficial properties for the skin, like restoring firmness, boosting hydration, and giving you a glowing complexion. To make the most of its benefits, applying it on completely clean skin before the cream is essential.


Step 4: Moisturize with a night cream

Finish your night face routine with a rich night cream to give your skin the comfort and hydration it needs. This final step will help you close the pores and seal the action of all previous products applied. Find one that will suit your type and keep your skin nourished the entire night.

A well-designed night skincare routine can be the key to achieving radiant and healthy skin. From cleaning to the application of specific products and the use of key ingredients, learn how to love and care for your skin and enjoy a few moments of pampering yourself every night.

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