Spray it Away: Why You Should Be Using Rose Water for Acne

Most people who struggle with acne go through dozens of products to find something that will work for their skin. More often than not, people resort to harsh cleansers and chemicals, thinking the stronger a product is, the better it will work on acne. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, harsh products will only make the breakouts WORSE. Instead, you should seek gentle products that cleanse and soothe your skin such as rose water for acne. If you want to end the tug of war with the bumps on your face, keep reading to learn why you should make the switch to rose water. 

Rose Water Is a Gentle Antibacterial



The skin serves as a barrier to protect the body from harmful external factors. You can think of the skin as a layer that keeps everything outside, out. This means all the dirt, dust, and bacteria will lay on your skin if you do not clean your face well.  While any cleanser is good, you want to use one that works as an antibacterial as well. It offers a deeper clean and helps prevent acne. Rose water is a gentle antibacterial anyone can use to prevent acne and treat active breakouts.  Rose water contains natural bioactive substances such as citronellol, linalool, geraniol, and methyl eugenol which are powerful enough to kill Propionibacterium acnes. P. Acnes is one of the main bacteria responsible for acne. If you can kill this bacteria, you greatly reduce your chances of having breakouts even with other types of bacteria on your skin. 


Rose Water Balances Skin PH


Did you know the skin actively protects itself from harmful bacteria by remaining acidic? The skin has a pH between 4.1 and 6.0. One reason many people notice breakouts is because they throw off the skin's normal pH level by making it more basic.  Rose spray is effective as a cleanser and as a toner to maintain the skin's pH or help you bring it back to normal after using a different cleanser. When you use a product within your skin's normal pH, you minimize the chances of skin irritation and the chances of altering the acidic pH range you need. Keeping pH in balance is the best "trick" to know if you want to enjoy clear skin.

Rose Water Is Anti-Inflammatory


Acne and inflammation work hand in hand. When you have acne, you will notice the area is tender to the touch, and sometimes, red. This is because acne is an inflammatory process. The best rose water spray for acne treatment is hydrating, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory.  Rose water can also help with healing eczema, dermatitis, and the overall appearance of scars. The subtle fragrant cleanser has a positive effect on the activity of keratinocytes. They are skin cells responsible for forming new skin cells that slowly make their way to the outer layer of the skin.  Keratinocytes are important as they help shield the skin from infection and injury. In the event there is a chance of infection, the skin responds by releasing inflammatory chemicals to blunt infection. While this is a good thing you want, it does still leave one unwanted effect. Your pores will close, which can lead to more acne. Rose water can ease the inflammatory immune repose of the keratinocytes, directly reducing both acute and chronic inflammation. Rose water also contains phenolics and vitamin C which are both natural anti-inflammatory agents that help soothe the skin. 

Rose Water Stops Excessive Oil Production


The face requires a perfect balance of oil and moisture. When the skin is too dry, it can dry out the oil the skin needs and invite the development of acne. Rose water contains tannins that offer a tightening effect on the skin that is not as drying as other toners that are alcohol-based.  While the skin does need a certain level of oil, you also do not want too much. Excessive oil production can also increase the chances of breaking out as the added oil does nothing more than invite clogged pores. Use rose water to remove extra dirt and oil on your face that may still linger after cleaning. You can also use rose water as a touch up throughout the day when you need it.  

Rose Water Is Also an Antioxidant

Antioxidants are necessary to help prevent free radicals that can harm and age your skin. Free radicals can also be the reason your skin can become inflamed. It can result in the appearance of pimples and blocked pores that can cause them in the future.  Using topical products, like rose water, can limit the production and severity of free radical oxidation. The antioxidants rose water contains also help to strengthen skin cells and assist in regenerating skin tissue. The appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation improve or decrease when you regularly use antioxidants. 

Use Rose Water for Acne Troubles 


The products we use to clean our skin can also be the source of the problem for acne. Harsh cleansers with beads or those that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can do more harm than good. Rather than waste money on these products that will cause more damage in the long run, opt to use rose water for acne. Rose water is a gentle, yet effective way of cleaning your skin while keeping acne at bay. It balances pH, reduces excess oil production, and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.  It is an amazing product you can buy that is not expensive either. You can also continue to shop online to combine rose water with other gentle methods to improve your skincare routine. Clear skin is achievable. It's all about relearning what is right for your skin. 


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