How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller: The Steps Explained

Have you been thinking of getting a rose quartz roller? You've probably seen them on TV or social media. They're those cute, aesthetic rollers featuring a smooth rose quartz crystal and a complementary coloured handle. Whether you're a beauty guru, a lover of eye-catching items, or both, you've probably taken notice and maybe even hovered your cursor over the "buy now" button. But, if you're like many prospective buyers, you're probably wondering how to use a rose quartz roller. After all, you don't want to invest in something if it doesn't fit into your beauty routine or serve your purposes. So, how should you go about using one? Read on to find out!

What Does a Rose Quartz Roller Do?

Before you buy a rose quartz roller, you might be wondering what it does.  Essentially, rose quartz rollers serve as an integral part of a skincare routine. They help distribute skincare products, such as moisturizer and decrease puffy areas by increasing lymphatic drainage. They also cool the skin, which closes pores. The rollers also give your face a gentle massage. Because of this, many rose quartz roller users report that their rollers also help them decrease their anxiety and alleviate some of the pain that stems from headaches. This often improves people's moods. Some people believe these rollers can slim down your face. This is not necessarily true. Yet, because they encourage lymphatic drainage, they can temporarily contour your face, making it appear a bit thinner for a short period of time. Want a grace & stella rose quartz roller? To purchase one, click the shop now button below!

How to Use a Rose Quartz Roller

There are many ways to use a grace & stella rose quartz roller and all of its excellent properties.  Yet, if this is your first time, you might be wondering how to use a rose quartz roller. Take a look at the simple, two-step process below to get the most out of your experience!

1. Oil Up

When you first get your grace & stella rose quartz roller, you might be ready to take it out of its packaging and just start rubbing it around your face. We don't recommend doing that. Why? When you rub rollers on dry skin, they drag the skin along, which can cause wrinkles.  To remedy this, apply a facial spray to all the areas you want to roll. If you'd like to purchase a fantastic hydrating spray, check out ours!

2. Start Rolling

Once you've effectively given your skin some moisture, you can start using your roller. Start at your neck and work your way up your jaw, all the way to your ears on both sides. Then, roll from the jaw to the cheekbone. Whenever you roll, do your best to roll in an upward direction only, and don't apply too much pressure. The pull on your skin should be gentle.  When you roll your forehead area, start in the middle and roll upward toward your temples.  If you're rolling your eyebrows, you may do so by moving your roller in a horizontal direction.

Ready to Buy a Rose Quartz Roller?

Now that you know how to use a rose quartz roller, are you ready to buy one? There are many reasons to buy a rose quartz roller. They help you apply your skincare products, and they provide health benefits such as headache and stress relief.  If you're looking to purchase a rose quartz roller or any of our other facial products, click here!

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