6 Cheap and Easy Tips for Healthy Hair

Is there anything more powerful than when your hair game is strong?  It just gives you that confidence boost like you can take on the world.

Beyonce hair flip

It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive for you to have healthy hair!

1. Protect Your Hair

Your hair is delicate and if it’s not maintained properly, it shows!

Summer is just around the corner and as much as you’re excited to get beach time, your hair is not. Make sure you cover your hair with a hat or a scarf if you're going to be out in the sun for a long time! 

Before you use any heated styling products, don’t forget to get yourself a heat resistant spray to prevent daily damage! This post from Total Beauty lists the top 10 heat protection products is perfect! They've got some sprays on the list that are so affordable. 

2. Feed Your Hair

Like eating right for healthy skin, you can also eat right for your hair too. Oily fish like Salmon is a good source of Omega 3 that will help your hair grow and give it a shine. Seaweed is also an excellent source of nutrition that will strengthen your hair! I know what you’re thinking but trust us, seaweed is delicious and it will make your hair so shiny! Check out this article on Women Fitness on the benefit of seaweed for your hair!

Step up the game and feed your hair some supplements! There are a lot of hair and skin supplements out there like Sugar Bear Hair that basically have the necessary vitamins all in a one stop shop! You can also source these vitamins individually such as zinc, vitamin D and C. 

3. Sleeping Beauty  

How you treat your hair during your sleep can really affect the condition of your hair. Step up your game by putting on a silk pillowcase. This, unlike the cotton alternative, will allow your hair to glide over rather than getting caught in the fabric so when you wake up in the morning, you can say hello to silky smooth hair. Think a silk pillowcase sounds expensive? Think again. We found some great ones on Amazon starting at $7.99

If you also tie your hair up for bed, make sure your elastic is not too tight that it’s going to cause any breaks! The same goes for if you braid your hair for bed. Why not try a scrunchie? Trust me, they’re making a come back.

Bun Head Scrunchies

Via: Instagram @mybunhead 

Bun Head has an adorable selection of scrunchies- so much so that it will make you want to order some right away!

4. Hair Treats 

There are a lot of hair masks out there for different hair types and sometimes depending on your the condition of your hair you may need to change up the mask you’re using.

Don’t forget to read the instructions carefully for each mask as some are oily and not meant to be applied right onto your scalp. Ever tried to get out oil of your scalp? Yup, it’s not a pretty task and no amount of dry shampoo can save you.

Our Rescue My Hair Mask is the perfect mask to rescue your tired hair!

5. Chop Chop 

Trust me I know, it can be really daunting to cut your hair but regular trimming will strengthen your hair big time. Getting on top of your split ends will prevent having to cut more length off your hair when you finally get to the salon. Cut them off like your ex-boyfriend.

Bye boy

6. Scalp Detox

Have you ever thought about your scalp health? We tend to ignore our scalp but it can seriously affect your hair growth and condition. Try these diy scalp detox masks from Beauty Munsta - you won’t regret it and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to detox your scalp! >

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