Synthetic Beeswax

What is Synthetic Beeswax?

Synthetic Beeswax, also known as Cera Alba, is a vegan-friendly wax that imitates the properties of natural beeswax. Unlike beeswax, Synthetic Beeswax is made from plant-based ingredients and is therefore a cruelty-free alternative to traditional beeswax.

Where is Synthetic Beeswax from?

Synthetic Beeswax is made using a synthetic process that mimics the molecular structure of natural beeswax. It is typically derived from a combination of vegetable oils, such as soybean, palm, or rapeseed oil, and petroleum-derived chemicals. The process of creating Synthetic Beeswax is much more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to harvesting natural beeswax.

Where is Synthetic Beeswax used?

Synthetic Beeswax is commonly used in the cosmetic industry as a binding agent and emollient. It is a versatile ingredient that can be found in various personal care products, including lip balms, moisturizers, and hair care products. Synthetic Beeswax is often used as a vegan alternative to traditional beeswax in natural and organic cosmetics.

What are the benefits of Synthetic Beeswax?


Synthetic Beeswax is a natural emollient that helps to lock in moisture and keep the skin and hair hydrated. It is particularly useful in lip balms and moisturizers, where it can provide long-lasting hydration and protection from dryness.


Synthetic Beeswax forms a protective barrier on the skin and hair, shielding it from environmental pollutants and irritants. It can also help to protect the skin and hair from UV damage.


Synthetic Beeswax has a softening effect on the skin and hair, making it feel smoother and more supple. It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Is Synthetic Beeswax safe to use?

Synthetic Beeswax is generally considered safe for use in cosmetics. It has been thoroughly tested and is approved by regulatory bodies such as the FDA. However, like any cosmetic ingredient, it can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you have a history of skin allergies or sensitivities, it's always a good idea to patch test any new products that contain Synthetic Beeswax.