self-care essentials set

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self-care never goes out of style

Jam-packed with everything you need to start on your self-care journey, our self-care essentials set provides you with a wide variety of products at a hefty discount! Hydration, cleansing, makeup removal, dealing with fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles, and even comfort and style - this bundle has something for everything!

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A wide collection of products that has everything you need to look good and feel great

Provides essentials for hydration, cleansing, and dealing with dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines

Comes in the cutest of tote bags

Starting out your self-care journey

Getting rid of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles

Cleansing and moisturizing

Energy drink eye masks (24 pairs)
Hyaluronic acid serum (50ml)
Rose spray (240ml)
Foaming face wash (150ml)
Rose quartz roller
Cleansing balm (125ml)
Dead sea mud mask (120ml)
Feel-good club lilac sweater
Sunset tote gift bag

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why we love it

Our self-care essentials set is the perfect start to your self-care journey. We wanted to cover as many bases as possible so we packed as many products we could and gave as big a discount as possible. You won't find any better value than this!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ashlee Shelton
Loving it

Enjoying all the products I got in this bundle. I could do without the rose spray tho.

Carolina Moreno
Received products expire 4/1/2024

I received products that expire in 1 week. 4/1/2024. Rose water was 3/4 full it spilled during shipment. Oils will expire in 1 week. Ive not used the products. These items are for my skin i will not use expired items on my face or body. I Reach out to support team with list of items that needed replacement. Still waiting.

Holly Wolfe
Great value for great products!

I love this kit! It had so many useful products in it I never would have thought I wanted or needed. I have a pretty solid skincare routine already, but the items in here like the facial mist and mud mask take it to the next level. The under eye masks are my favorite and the shirt and tote bag are super cute. Purchase was very well worth it!

Valerie Goodwin
Great products!

Great value, great pricing, great customer service. Highly recommend the under eye patches!

Great purchase!

Love this! Has everything that you need! Bonus the sweater is so comfortable.