What Is Facial Cupping? Why and How to Use Facial Cups

There are always new and interesting methods coming out in the fashion and beauty world to keep you on your manicured toes. The latest craze that's gaining momentum in the skincare area is facial cupping. Facial cupping is an ancient practice of using suction cups (there is wet and dry cupping, but we focus here on dry cupping), to pull the surface area of the skin into the cup and enhance blood flow and rejuvenate the skin without leaving marks behind. If you've seen some videos of people doing body cupping therapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, you might have been horrified by the round red terrifying marks left behind after the cupping. Even though facial cupping popularized by China and TCM, it actually might have origins in ancient Egypt! Keep reading to see how facial cupping works in detail and how it can help you minimize wrinkles and more.

Facial Cupping - How Does It Work and Does It Hurt

Facial cupping, as iterated earlier, pulls on the different surface layers of the skin with suction cups, thus, creating microtrauma and tearing (like how your muscles react when you lift weights). This causes fresh blood to flow to that area.  Along with blood, white platelets and other healing aids also flood to the area. That's essentially why facial cupping is so good for you. This is the power of how facial cups work in reducing wrinkles, brightening up the skin, and decreasing puffiness.  You might be thinking it sounds all well and good, but does it cause skin damage? As long as you keep the cup moving (not holding it in one place for more than five seconds), you shouldn't have any bruises at all. Also, make sure you are not using it on inflamed or broken skin. If you have a lot of acne on your face or rashes and sores, then avoid facial cupping!

Why You Should Use Facial Cupping at Home

You might already be using the 14-step skincare routine from Korea and are now wondering if you even have the time to do facial cupping. But it's recommended that you add this to your skincare routine.  It doesn't take too much time, especially once you get used to the process, and it's highly rejuvenating for your skin. There are Facial Cupping Sets that you can use at home without much training at all.  Once you notice the positive effects on your skin through regular facial cupping at home, you won't want to go back to your pre-cupping days. 

Facial Cupping Treatment for the Masses

Apparently, facial cupping used to be reserved for royalty in ancient China. But through the power of modernization and the Internet, you have access to it now as well.  Facial cupping might seem like a scary proposition at first, but like everything else, once you get used to it, it becomes an inseparable part of your morning skincare routine.  If you would like to buy your very own Facial Cupping Massage Set, please check out our website.

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