The Vegan Warehouse - The One-Stop-Shop For Vegan Beauty + Fashion

What is shopping vegan, even?


For us at grace & stella, shopping vegan is more than just a proclamation. It is the active selection of products that promote individuality, diversity and inclusion. 

We’re all about shopping vegan, formulating every one of our products with only clean, vegan ingredients that you all know and love. We wholeheartedly support this vision, and we love to highlight other brands and marketplaces absolutely crushing it in the vegan space, too!

That brings us to The Vegan Warehouse, the world’s first online vegan marketplace. Dedicated to vegan beauty and fashion, The Vegan Warehouse is an all-in-one resource for sourcing vegan products anywhere from vegan antioxidant serums to vegan handbags, designed to keep vegan living accessible and affordable for consumers while providing high-quality and cruelty-free beauty and fashion products available for nationwide delivery. It makes shopping vegan seamless, and their brand vision of creating an all-encompassing marketplace that simplifies and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle is spot-on.

Shop on The Vegan Warehouse if you’re looking for a wide variety of beauty and fashion products - skincare, haircare, jewelry, name it. Some of our favourites include the oh-so-popular Mersi Ruby Crossbody Bag and the Mersi Demi Bucket Bag - (oh, and our own collection, of course!) ;)



How did it start?

When Ewelina Augustin, co-founder of The Vegan Warehouse, went vegan in 2010, she struggled to find vegan alternatives to her household staples that were easily accessible and affordable. She wished to find a single marketplace which aggregated all the vegan essentials she was looking for. Fast forward seven years, after partnering with co-founder Carl Augustin, they decided to take it into their own hands and create this marketplace themselves!

But shopping vegan can be challenging. “Learning how difficult it was to recognize if a product was vegan, and the lack of resources to learn and purchase from, inspired me to make this process easier for myself and others.” said co-founder Ewelina Augustin.

“I wanted to create a platform to show vegans, plant-curious, and everyone in-between how easy it can be to shop vegan, without compromising convenience or quality. A platform like ours is something I always dreamed of on my vegan journey. We take the guesswork out of plant-based purchases, analyzing ingredient labels, looking up each product manufacturer, checking for cruelty free certifications, etc. Those tasks are incredibly time consuming and a hassle many of us simply do not have the energy for.”




So, why shop vegan? 

At grace & stella, it’s about ethics, and it’s about quality, so it’s no mystery why we’re a fan of The Vegan Warehouse. If products are for humans, they’re tested on humans - no exceptions! Shopping vegan is one of the best things you can do to help stop animal cruelty - by making conscious choices to avoid animal-based products, you reduce the demand for them, which ensures fewer animals are sacrificed for human consumption.

Cruelty-Free beauty products are generally healthier, and as you’re ditching the bad chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, you’re choosing cleaner ingredients that are better for your skin, which means less likelihood of breakouts, allergies, and inflammation. 

Must we say more? We’re all about shopping vegan, which is why we’re so proud to offer grace & stella products on The Vegan Warehouse marketplace. On top of that, The Vegan Warehouse donates a portion of their profits to animal sanctuaries, while keeping vegan fashion and beauty products accessible and affordable! When it comes to practicing what you preach, they’re on it. Shop our collection on The Vegan Warehouse today, or read more about their story here - we absolutely adore them!



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