The Best Face Mask to Add to Your Beauty Routine

Ready to step up your daily beauty routine and have glowing skin?  Whether you have a dry, sensitive, or combination complexion, grace & stella has an all-natural face mask to give you a dewy look in no time! Our products are vegan and cruelty-free so you can feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.  Below, we're listing some of our favourite face masks to help you decide which one is best for your routine!

Mud Masks

Looking to have that fresh-from-the-spa feeling? A mud mask might be for you!  One of the oldest forms of skincare, a mud mask hydrates as it pulls toxins from your skin. Mud masks dig deep into your pores and remove any dead skin or dirt that your normal facial cleanser may leave behind.  If you're looking for a face mask for dry skin, dead sea mud masks draw out impurities before blemishes appear. With the healing power of shea butter, your skin will be as healthy as ever! Apply this mask after removing all makeup. Cover your face with a thin layer of the mask, avoiding your eyes. Hang out with your cat, work on a puzzle, or scroll on Facebook for 15 minutes. Then, rinse your face thoroughly and put on moisturizer!

Glowing Skin Peel-Off Masks

Perfect for combination skin, these peel-off masks penetrate your pores, finding any leftover makeup, dirt, or grime. While there are various peel-off masks, our mask dives deep, targeting stubborn blackheads To use the peel-off masks, spread a thin layer over your whole face or affected area. Wait 15 minutes by drinking your favourite wine, chatting with a friend, or catching up on a show. Then, rinse, ensuring you get the entirety of the mask off. 

Sheet Masks

A popular trend that produces fun photos on girls' night, sheet masks are drenched in natural serums. Though the sheet masks lay on your face, the oils and cleansers within them soak onto your skin.  When using this mask, press the sheet onto your face, smoothing out any bumps. Play a board game or paint your nails, then, after 30 minutes, remove the sheet mask. Rub any extra product onto your face.  One of my favourite sheet masks is our green tea facial sheet mask that soothes irritated and skin. Using this mask will reduce redness while moisturizing your face! The calming effects of this mask are ideal for sensitive skin.  Reputable companies like grace & stella also offer a collagen sheet mask as well as an anti-wrinkle mask. Both of these masks will leave your skin energized and smooth. 

The Best Face Mask

So, which face mask is best for you?  Our goal is to provide you with skincare that fits into your routine, effortlessly. We craft each of our products with you in mind to give you glowing skin that you can be proud of.  No matter what your skin needs, our natural products have you covered from head to toe!

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