Expert Beauty Tips on How to Get Rid of Acne

Did you know that 50 million people will get acne in any given year? Most of them will be teens and young adults. However, for some of us, this pesky condition plagues us into adulthood. Most acne sufferers, regardless of who they are or when they get it, are wondering the same thing: how to get rid of acne. Given how many products there are for treating acne and how the market continues to grow, you may get the impression that acne is difficult (or even impossible) to treat. The reality is that there are many things you can do, and we'll talk more about them in this article. Keep reading!

1. Dead Sea Mud Mask

You've probably heard of mud masks before. They're a common beauty routine that's been in use since the 19th century.  It works by expanding, much like a sponge, into the deeper layers of skin. As it does this, dryer flakes, oils, dirt, and other contaminants are drawn in while excess moisture is pushed out into the skin. Clay masks are also a potential treatment for acne, but we would urge caution. While clay functions similarly to mud, it also tends to dry out the skin. When our skin is dry, it produces oil to keep it moisturized, and excessive oil is often the cause of acne.

2. Avoid Oily Makeup

If you're wondering how to get rid of acne, the answer may be water-based makeup. While oily makeup is a major culprit, it's important to avoid oily substances on your skin. We've already mentioned that excess oil can cause acne, so adding more oil is a bad idea. This doesn't mean that you can't wear makeup. There are plenty of makeup products out there that don't include as many oils. You can still dress up for Halloween if you want to. There are ways to prevent acne while still donning costume makeup.

3. Eat Right

You've probably heard 'eat right' as a potential cure for everything. While a healthy diet isn't a miracle cure, it can do quite a bit. Glowing skin is just one of the many benefits it can offer. Since acne is a skin condition, it may seem strange that diet could affect it. After all, that theory about chocolate and acne has been debunked, hasn't it? The answer is more complicated. Scientists haven't proven any link between unhealthy food and acne breakouts. Those who don't have a healthy diet do seem to break out more, but nobody's sure why. It may just be that those who don't eat right are less attentive to their health in other ways. However, without more evidence, it's hard to draw any conclusions.

How to Get Rid of Acne

Many of us are left wondering how to get rid of acne. While there's no permanent cure, there are things you can do to reduce the likelihood of breakout. We've talked about a few of them in this article, but there are other things to consider as well. You can find many other products and potential solutions on our site. Click here to view our skincare products and get ready to say goodbye to your acne once and for all.

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