A Guide to the Best Blemish & Blackhead Removal Tools for Clear and Beautiful Skin

Acne happens to be one of the more frustrating things on the planet. Pimples of all kinds poke out and beg to be poked at. 

Unfortunately, poking and scratching at our pimples tends only to make them worse. It doesn't feel great to use products heavy in chemicals on our skin either, though. 

We're going to take a look at blackheads today, giving you some ideas for blackhead removal and how to do it the natural way. Our hope is that you leave with some new information and a little hope that those blemishes can be taken care of in a healthy way. 

 Natural Ideas for Blackhead Removal

Before we get going with ideas for addressing the issue, let's take a look at what blackheads really are. 

Comedones are bumps that poke up on our faces as a result of pores that get jammed up with oil and dirt. There are open comedones and closed comedones, with open ones being white and closed ones turning black. 

This means that most whitehead pimples are the same as blackheads, except whitehead pimples aren't exposed to the air, whereas blackheads are. 

An open comedone (the blackhead) is exposed to air, it oxidizes and turns black. Hopefully, this can demystify the idea that blackheads are significantly worse than whitehead pimples. 

They're essentially the same thing, they are just a little less easy on the eyes. 


Try Cleansing with a Mud Mask

The first line of defense against blackheads should be a good skincare routine. Mud masks are great ways to exfoliate, pull toxins from pores, and add some key nutrients to your skin. 

This won't get rid of your blackheads once they're already there, but it will work to keep more from popping up in the future. 

Use a Blackhead Tweezers

Our fingernails are chock-full of dirt, contaminants, and other tiny things that have no place getting onto our faces. That's why you shouldn't ever pick at a pimple with your fingernails. 

Instead, try to use blackhead tweezers that's tailor-made to grab whatever is clogging your pores and getting it out of there. 

You should also consider getting a pimple popper tool to excavate those pores right when they let you know they're clogged. If you need a little direction, grace & stella offers a number of great natural products that can help you get after those pesky blackheads.

It's important to get the sebum and dirt out of the pore so that it can recover to its original health.  We've all had the experience of popping a pimple only to find that it's more red and inflamed than it was before, though. That's why it's smart to use tools designed to pick and pop pimples as they arrive. 

For example, take a look at our blackhead remover tool kit. It avoids further irritation from picking at zits with your fingernails and offers a double-ended loop extractor. That means you'll minimize scarring, get your pimples uprooted, and save yourself the stress of more pimples that come from picking at and inflaming your skin. 

Once you get rid of the blackheads that are ailing you, make sure to establish a regular skincare process in the morning and evening. You'll notice that things clear up in time, and those blackheads will make fewer appearances. 

You can add to your vibrance by incorporating an exfoliating brush or some naturally-hydrating cream to keep things looking great. 

Want to Improve Your Skin Routine?


Blackhead removal is just the beginning of a comprehensive routine. We're here to put you in touch with all of the products and information you need to have glowing, revitalized skin.  Explore our site for more information and ideas for ways to improve your routine. 


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