4 Tips on Choosing Treatments for Acne Scars

When you recover from your acne, you're going to have soft and smooth skin that you should be proud of. After all, conquering acne is no easy task. You might be left with scars, though, which can be embarrassing.  All skin is beautiful, but if you want to reduce the appearance of acne scars, you do have options that can help.  Keep reading to learn about five tips that you can use when you're hunting for your next acne scar treatment. 

1. Make Sure You Have Acne Scars

Good news: you might not actually have acne scars. After acne begins to heal, there are small red marks on the skin. This is due to the inflammation that's still present after your acne has cleared up. While the surface of the skin may be smooth and soft, your body is still working on what's going on underneath. If you're unsure, wait a little while.  These dots are going to be pinker in colour due to the inflamed flesh.  Acne scars are more likely to have texture to them (even if it's minor) from a lack of collagen in the skin. These ones are tougher to get rid of. Scars that present as dark marks, though, are easier to treat and that's what we're focusing on. 

2. Focus On Skin Health

It's tempting to want to use products that merely fix the colour of the skin. There are harmful bleaches and peroxides that will dry you out without fixing the problem at hand, only the appearance of it.  You want to moisturize and restore, not bleach or discolour.  Instead, look for nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera, that can keep your skin healthy while attempting to fix the issue. 

3. Check for Other Purposes

Sometimes a product won't be advertised as an acne scar healer. That doesn't mean that it won't work; it's just not relying on gimmicky advertising preying on insecure shoppers.  If something will help with dark spots, fine lines, facial discolourations, sun spots, or even stretch marks, there's a chance that it will also help out with your acne scarring.  Be attentive to the claims that the company is making and see if your needs are similar.  Textured acne scars aren't dissimilar from stretch marks. For example, aloe vera gel can be a great solution.

Under-Eye Masks

Many people choose to seek out cosmetic procedures when they notice their acne scars. There's nothing wrong with opting for cosmetic procedures but trying some other methods before the "nuclear" option. Trying out skincare options that will help the plasticity and health of your skin is going to be the best start for your scarring.

Choose Something Your Skin Will Love

We care about your skin like you care about your skin. Give it something that will make it feel nourished and happy.  Our aloe vera gel at Grace & Stella is meant to rejuvenate and hydrate skin, potentially reducing the appearance of acne scars. If you're interested in picking up our aloe vera gel for yourself, or you want to see the rest of our cruelty-free products, visit our site.

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