4 Factors to Consider When Picking Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms are wonderful for getting your skin clean and makeup-free while also keeping it soft and hydrated. Unlike soaps that can strip your skin, leaving it dull, and even cause drying and peeling for those of us who are sensitive, balms nourish the skin.  The nighttime double-cleansing method was popularized in South Korea (home of the famous seven to twelve-step skincare routine) As a culture that prides itself on beauty and innovation, Korea knows what it's doing, so if they're using balms and oils, you should too.  But how do you go about picking cleansing balms? We have a few pieces of advice. Keep reading for our four factors that we keep in mind when choosing balms. 

1. Read Reviews

When you're buying makeup-removing balms online, you don't have the ability to go and try out the product yourself. This makes some people nervous. Most websites that offer skincare have a section for reviews and testimonials. When a product is adored the company wants to show that adoration off.  Reading through reviews can help you decide if a makeup remover balm is right for you. Look through reviews on the product page to find people with your skin type and see how they felt about the product. It's the best replacement for trying the product yourself. 

2. Follow Your Ethics

Are you devoted to cruelty-free skincare? Many brands in pharmacies do animal testing or contain ingredients that are derived from animals or animal products. Honey, bee venom, beeswax, and yoghurt are common examples of this.  While some of these ingredients are good for the skin, if you're living a vegan or plant-based lifestyle they're not ideal for you. Look for synthetic or vegan versions of popular skincare ingredients, like synthetic beeswax.  Let your ethics guide you to a cleansing balm that doesn't harm animals. We at grace & stella pride ourselves on our cruelty-free status. 

3. Look at Ingredient Lists

You can't know that your product is cruelty-free and animal-friendly without reading the cleansing balm ingredients list.  There are other benefits to doing this small amount of investigation as well. You can see if there are ingredients that are proven to be good for the skin (like vitamin E) or anything drying and uncomfortable like alcohol. While alcohol can be useful in some forms of skincare, it has no place in a makeup-remover balm or oil. Remember: you want ingredients that will keep your skin soft, not fragrances and essential oils.

4. Pay Attention to Claims

What does this product claim to do? Do those claims seem realistic, and do they suit your needs?  Typically speaking, makeup remover balms are the first step in cleaning your face. They melt down makeup, dirt, and sunscreen while you use gentle motions to move the balm around your face. Through this cleaning and moisturization, the balms can keep your skin shiny, plump, and clear of any excess sebum or pore-clogging grime.  Any balm that makes claims that are too big for its ingredients should be avoided. Skincare is a process and a cleansing balm is the first step! Using our grace & stella products together is how you get all of those skincare results!

Picking Cleansing Balms Can Be Effortless

When picking cleansing balms for your skincare routine, make sure you know what ingredients are going to be great for your skin. Follow your own ethical guidelines and read reviews of happy customers.  Our grace & stella cleansing balm is cruelty-free, vegan, and sure to make your skin soft and smooth. To read the reviews of all of our happy customers and pick up our cleansing balm, visit our product page. We're devoted to improving skin health and giving our customers the complexion they've always wanted.

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