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waterproof bath pillow


waterproof bath pillow

Cruelty Free

Upgrade your bath time - we'll help you.

Making me-time the best time is our specialty, so we created a Bath Pillow that wraps all those good-feelings into one. Made from premium-quality vegan material, our bath pillow is exactly what you need to obtain that last level of comfort for your bath time. Waterproof, suction-y, and convenient, we're all about relaxing (and looking cute while doing it)!

Sinking into a steamy hot bath after a long day is the perfect way to relax, but leaning against that hard porcelain surface quickly gets uncomfortable and awkward. Make sure you treat your head right with a cushy, soft pillow and transform your simple porcelain tub into an at-home spa.

Using a bath pillow helps to maintain proper alignment of the neck and the back so that spinal pressure is minimized. Our orthopedic two-panel design helps keep your head, shoulders, and neck supported during your soak — and it's designed to fit tubs of all shapes and sizes. It's just the right combination of firm and comfortable.



waterproof bath pillow


What makes this magical?

  • Easy to secure

    Non-slip suction - our bath pillow comes with 7 suction cups on the back of the pillow to easily secure to your bathtub or jacuzzi.
  • waterproof, easy to clean material

    Made with waterproof, easy to clean material, our tub pillow is zero stress. Just wipe shower pillow with a cloth to clean. It's as easy as that.
  • Versatile and convenient

    It's versatile, and it's convenient - attach to your bathtub OR to your hot tub! Enjoy in the comfort of your jacuzzi.
  • Feel good tip

    Use our bath bombs along with your bath pillow to create the ultimate relaxation experience.
close up of bath pillow close up of bath pillow bath pillow

Feel good tip

Use our bath bombs along with your bath pillow to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

How to Use

How to use

Suction back of pillow to your bathtub or jacuzzi.


model using bath pillow

Rumour has it.

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