Electric Callus Remover
Electric Callus Remover
$19.95 USD

Electric Callus Remover

Smooth and soft skin are only a few minutes away!

How convenient is that? Give yourself a DIY, salon-quality pedicure at home that is quick, safe and effective.

Grace & Stella's Electric Callus Remover is great for those with rough, dry, callused feet, especially around the corns and heels of the foot. The pumice roller head is detachable for you to clean and dry after each use.

Batteries not included.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid use if you are diabetic or have calluses that bleed easily. Do not submerge whole device in water. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated.

  • Professional grade electronic foot file quickly removes and exfoliates away dead skin and thick, coarse, and rough calluses.
  • Shave years of built-up calluses off your feet in just a few seconds!
  • Roller head rotates 360 degrees at high speeds to efficiently slough away dead skin to reveal baby soft and smooth skin.

1) Use on dry, callused feet. Turn on the device and using gentle pressure, glide the roller against areas of dry, hard and callused skin. You will notice dead skin coming off in minutes.
2) Remove roller head and rinse clean after each use.