100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil (120ml)

100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil (120ml)

Grace & Stella's super effective and premium quality Tea Tree Oil is great for a multitude of purposes. 

About the Product: 
The uses for Tea Tree Oil are numerous. From making homemade cleaning products to treating troubled skin, or even using it as a air diffuser. Anything and everything can be made better with our Tea Tree Oil.

Key Benefits:
- Effective home remedy for acne.
- Beneficial for the health of hair and scalp.
- Powerful antibacterial properties for household cleaning. 

How to Use:
HAIR + SCALP: Add 2-3 drops to your regular shampoo and conditioner to help freshen up your scalp and help treat lice. 
SKIN: Its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties are amazing for treating acne, psoriasis, fungal skin infections, and a multitude of other skin conditions. Dilute 2-3 drops into your favourite moisturizer or a carrier oil and apply to affected areas. 
HOUSE: Dilute 2-3 drops into a cup of water in a spray bottle and spray on mouldy areas and wipe away for a chemical-free clean. Use the same spray bottle mixture to sanitize your washroom and hands. Place a teaspoon of tea tree oil in your washer to keep your washer and clothes extra clean and fresh. 
Caution: For external use only. 

One 4oz bottle with dropper. 

100% Pure Malaleuca Alterniflia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil 

Additional Information: 
Natural, unrefined, chemical-free, fast absorbing. 

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