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“My feet were really bothering me. I was getting corns between my toes when I worked on my feet all day, especially if I worked a trade show. These were painful and nothing I tried was working very well.

I was also beginning to get rough heels. Getting pedicures regularly was just not enough to solve my problem.

Then I discovered Grace & Stella’s Foot Peeling Socks. The Foot Peeling Sock is a plastic slipper bag filled with 17 fruit acids that I simply put my feet into for one hour. Then I wait. In about three days, my feet start peeling and this goes on for about another three days. When the peeling stops, my feet are completely smooth. The corns are gone with no more pain at all. My heels are beautiful and even the skin around my toenails is completely clear and soft!
When I began doing the Brazilian Blow Out, I felt I had finally gained back control of my hair. Now that I am using The Grace & Stella Socks (which I do about every three months just like the Blow Out), I feel I have complete control over my feet. They look young again!”

– Diane Ranger 

“I have always used products to exfoliate the skin on my face, while my feet and especially heels were sadly neglected, even though I treated myself to frequent pedicures. My feet will never be neglected again!

I feel a remarkable difference in my feet since I used G&S Socks. My previously cracked feet and heels are softer and smoother than they have been in years. I totally recommend Grace & Stella Socks and look forward to using it on a regular basis.”

– Sally Rogers 

Grace & Stella Sock is REVOLUTIONARY! I have always had dry, cracked, hard feet and thought there was nothing I could do about it. I have tried hundreds of foot products, anywhere from lotions, exfoliators, scrubs, to crazy looking tools…Nothing worked. My feet are now beautiful, smooth and soft.

It is gentle, easy and most importantly – it works exactly the way it says it is going to. Thank you Grace & Stella”

– Tara Rawlins 

“My wife could be your spokesperson for Grace & Stella. Rob provided a sample of the “1 hour” version to me last weekend, and I gave it to my wife. She booted up with the magic elixir on Sunday. By last night the dry and damaged skin was gone.

She likes it so much, that she is now curious how she can get more, and how frequently she should / could use the product. If she is any indication how this product might take the US by storm, you have landed on a gold mine!”

– Mark B.

This product was amazing really. First of all I never get pedicures so my feet are usually very rough. Put the little booties are your feet and poor the liquid solution into the inner pouch (there are two layers to the booties). I rubbed the product in a bit by swishing my feet so that the liquid touched every part of the bottom of my feet. After about 1.5 I took off the booties and washed off the solution. After about 3 days you start to notice your dead skin coming loose, but it really takes about a week for it to finish. Essentially your dead skin will come off bit by bit starting after a few days for a week. I helped more skin come off by soaking my feet in water and scrubbing at the end of the first week. I wouldn’t do it sooner because the skin may not be ready. My feet are completely smooth and worked much better than I had expected.

– Charlene Dawkins

Like all women, I’m constantly trying to keep my feet summer ready. As you get older, though, things just don’t seem to stay as nice – that includes the skin on your feet. It just isn’t as soft as it is when you’re younger; that’s not even including things like calluses and the like.

I’ve heard that foot masks can work wonders, and Grace & Stella’s foot mask was an excellent try. Put the booties on, add the serum, seal around your ankle, and wait 90 minutes (you can walk around, but unless you like ice skating, it’s not recommended. Just find a place to park, put your feet up, and wait.) Go to the bathtub, remove the booties, and wash the serum off your feet. In four to seven days, the skin will start to peel off your feet like a sunburn, leaving nothing but baby soft skin in its wake.

– Amber Rutlidge

I wanted to get my feet ready for summer. They weren’t in that bad of shape but it’s amazing how soft they are now. It’s about a 10 day process to get all the old skin off but totally worth it. I will definitely purchase again and again!

– Malinda J.

Love this I have tried other foot masks but this one is by far the best. My feet didn’t initially peel until around 7 days but after they were done my feet were the softest they have been in years.

– Rebecca Chan

This stuff is great in fact I’m getting another one.

– Emily O.

The best pedicure around. I can’t believe how well this exfoliation works. Much to my delight, my feet look years younger.

– Allison Reynolds

Worked like a dream……my feet haven’t felt or looked this good in years!!! Highly recommend!!!

– Anonymous

To my surprise this worked is well. I will be purchasing this again.

– Kristin Parker

First 3 days didn’t think it was going to work,then the 4th day I was shocked by the layers of skin coming off. Love the final results, amazing.

– Sherry Powell

I have very dry feet with dead skin, calluses & cracks. Grace & Stella’s Foot Peeling Mask is a miracle. I now have decent looking feet. If I continue to use lotion twice a day, my feet stay moist. If my feet get dry, I use Foot Peeling Mask again to take the dead skin off! Yes, I recommend it.

– Craig Clemens

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