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Who are Grace and Stella?
We believe that every woman should take time out of their day to focus and pamper themselves. At Grace and Stella we want YOU to take care of YOU! We are dedicated to bringing you your very own Pamper Bag that brings you one unique, deluxe product, each month, which you will absolutely love. 
Is your site secure?
Yes! We use a very secure third-party billing service, and our website uses SSL-level encryption.
What payment options do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, Paypal.
We do not accept dinners, although that would be nice! 
What is the Pamper Bag?
For just 15/month you will receive ONE product that will retail between $30-$50! Each item is hand picked by our expert staff and made with the highest quality ingredients.
I'd love to share Grace and Stella products with my audience! Do you have an affiliate program? 
Yes! We would love to hear from you! Please email us at
Can I return a subscription or product if I don’t like it? 
Unfortunately no. All of our items are final sale. But! If you are unhappy with your product please reach out to us! We would love to know what we can improve on!
My beauty product arrived damaged. Who do I contact? 
Ugh! Not fun, these things happen! Please contact us ASAP and we will help a sister out! Email us at
I forgot my password? 
Easy fix! Just follow the ‘’forgot password” steps and we will send you an email! 
Do I have to pay for shipping!? 
Nope! Shipping is on us. We’ve got you covered (in USA)! 
My promo code isn’t working? 
Gotta love those promo codes! Email us at to see if it is expired! 

Can I cancel at anytime? 
YES! Life changes and at Grace and Stella we get that! Just remember to always take time to pamper yourself! 
How do I cancel my subscription? 
We are sad to see you go! Give us an email at and we will help you out! 
How does this subscription work?
Each month you will receive ONE beauty product in the mail. You can choose between: 
  1. Monthly  
  2. 4 Months
  3. Annually

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When will I be billed for the subscription? 
If you're a monthly member, you'll be billed on the same date every month as the date you signed up on. Same goes for 4 month members - but every 4 months. Same for annuals.
Is shipping free? 
YES! Shipping is on us in US. We’ve got you covered! 
Where do you ship?
All over the world! Grace and Stella is spreading the love worldwide! 
What if I just want to buy a single product without the subscription? 
You can! Just head over to our SHOP and add the single item you want to your cart! Just that simple!

Dead Sea Mud Mask 
What does the Dead Sea Mud Mask do?
Dead Sea Mud Mask is commonly used for detoxification, as a facial mask, to improve skin conditions and to help reduce aches and pains. it can also be used for various skin condition such as blackheads or pimples as well as a full body mask.
Can I use it everyday?
Yes! We encourage you too! The product itself is very soft and smooth on the skin! It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. 
What are the ingredients? 
Deionized water, Pure Dead Sea Mud, Kaolin, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Hickory Bark Extract, Calendula Oil, Xanthan Gum
How do it use it? 
Apply a thick layer on the face and upper part of the neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on to dry for 5 minutes. Remove the mask first by gently rubbing in circular motions for an overall exfoliation. Wash any excess with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. Recommended to use twice a week and to follow with your favorite moisturizer.
What are the benefits of Grace and Stella’s Mud Mask? 
Fights pimples and blackheads while fading acne scars 
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
Erases cellulite for smooth, beautiful skin 
Minimizes pore size and improves overall complexion 
Made with natural ingredients and is safe to use on face and body

Teeth Whitening Kit 
Will this product hurt my teeth? 
Begin with shorter treatments to gauge teeth sensitivity. You can also customize your trays for maximum comfort. If you have slight sensitivity, it is recommended that you wait 3-4 days between treatments.
What do I do with the teeth trays?  
Bring 8 oz (coffee-cup) of water to boiling temperature. - After the water has stopped boiling, submerge the trays individually in the water for 10-15 seconds, or until trays become soft. Once the tray is at the desired flexibility level, remove the trays from the water and insert them into your mouth around your teeth, forming the trays by sucking out excess air and water. - You can try this a few times until you get the perfect fit.
What do I do with the gel in the syringes? 
Apply one small drop along the inner facial side of both the upper and lower arches. Make sure to spread the solution evenly with a syringe tip. Be careful not to overload the tray. You can also use a Q-Tip to apply the solution directly to your teeth, to ensure the solution does not touch your gums. 
How long do I wear the trays in my mouth?
Wear in your mouth for 5-15 minutes per day. If you have no sensitivity, you can use this on consecutive days. 
What about the light? 
The LED light that in included in your kit should be used to maximize your teeth whitening process. Leave the light in your mouth for about 10 minutes. 
How long should I do the treatment for? 
We recommend 10 days or until you have reached your desired whiteness! 
What comes in the Teeth Whitening Kit? 
One LED Blue Light, Three syringe’s full of teeth whitening solution and two teeth trays. 
What are the ingredients?
16% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel, 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, EDTA Sodium Hydroxide, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Triethanolamine, Carbopol 940/974 PNF. 
When should I start to see results?! 
Within 10 sessions! 
My LED light doesn’t work! What do I do?!
There is a plastic sheet underneath the batteries - Please remove that and the LED light will work. That sheet is there to preserve the batteries and prevent the light from going on until you want it to. If it still doesn’t work please email us at

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Miracle Hair Straightening Brush 
What is so special about this hairbrush? 
This isn’t just your ordinary hair brush! It is is the most innovative solution to effective, hassle-free detangling of knotted and unruly hair.
How does it work?
The hair brush has evenly distributed heat allows that allows for gentle and effortless straightening of even the most thick, matted, or knotted hair!
You mean I can just brush my hair and it will straighten it?
Yes! That is exactly what it means!  
Is it safe to use on my hair? 
We are proud to say that it has an safe auto off function for peace of mind! Your hair straightener trust will never pose a risk of fire or harm to young children or loved ones! Gotta keep the fam safe!

Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask


Does Foot Peeling Mask contain 2 plastic booties for use?

Yes, Foot Peeling Mask contains a sock for each foot. Suitable for women sizes 4 – 12 and men sizes 4-13

Is Foot Peeling Mask re-usable?

No, single use only.

After my treatment, how do I take care of my feet?

Bathe as usual and do not add lotion if possible. If your feet become too dry you may lightly add an oil free moisturizer. Not required, but the peeling process will be enhanced if you can soak your feet daily.

Can I use Foot Peeling Mask when tinea, corns or psoriasis is present?

Foot Peeling Mask may be applied when skin conditions like corns or psoriasis is present. We recommend that you spot test an area to make sure that you don’t experience stinging of the skin.

Do I need to use Foot Peeling Mask every day for two weeks?

No, only one application is necessary, which involves a one hour soaking time. It may take 3-7 days for peeling to start. The peeling process could take approximately two weeks. (Results will vary between individuals)

My heel is very rough. Is it ok to use Foot Peeling Mask?

Foot Peeling Mask is widely used by people who experience dry and rough skin on their soles or old dead skin cells on their heel and toes.

Do I wash the foot after soaking?

Yes, remove the plastic booties after using the 1 hour treatment, then rinse feet thoroughly. Remember, don’t add lotion to your feet until the peeling process is complete. If your feet are too dry, you may use a oil free lotion from time to time.

Do I need to stay seated while I am using Foot Peeling Mask?

No, you are permitted to walk around if desired. As long as your feet are soaking in the gel, you will get results. We recommend limited walking. Enhance your experience by adding a pair of socks over the plastic booties and a pair of shoes.

It has been one week since I used Foot Peeling Mask, but no dead skin cells have peeled off. How long do they take to peel off?

Results will vary among individuals due to the thickness of the dead skin cells on the soles of the feet. Peeling usually begins within 3 – 7 days, but could be as long as 14 days. Soaking your feet daily will speed up this process. The peeling process usually completes within 7 – 10 days. After bathing, gently rub your feet with your hands to commence the peeling process. Do not use a foot file.

After using Foot Peeling Mask, I noticed that I still had some dead skin cells on my soles. When can I use Foot Peeling Mask again?

Yes. You can use Foot Peeling Mask 2 weeks after your initial application.

How often do you recommend the use of Foot Peeling Mask?

Foot Peeling Mask can be used whenever you notice the build up of dead skin cells. We recommend using it every 2 months. Remember that based on the individual this timeframe will vary.

Will I experience other benefits by using Foot Peeling Mask?

Absolutely. You may experience the following; better balance, increased blood circulation, decrease in foot odor as well as improving athletes foot. Be good to your feet…and they’ll be good to you!

Should I remove my nail polish before using Foot Peeling Mask?

You do not need to remove your nail polilsh, however, the fruit acids could possibly dull the polish.

Will Foot Peeling Mask fade my tattoo?

Foot Peeling Mask is a foot peel, so there is a possibility for fading.  Most people do not have a lot of peeling on the tops of their feet.


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