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Foot Mask Directions


1) Soak your feet in warm water for 10 mins, pat dry. 
2) Place your feet inside the Dr. Pedicure Foot Mask. 
3) Secure the booties around each ankle using the enclosed adhesive tape 
4) Place a pair of socks on over the plastic booties and remain seated. The added heat helps speed up the process.
5) Keep the booties on for one hour. After 1 hour, remove booties and wash your feet with soap and water.
6) Dead skin cells will begin to exfoliate from 5-7 days after treatment. 

Please read complete instructions pamphlet prior to use for best results.

Please consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Tips & Tricks:

- For best results, do not moisturize your feet during this process. 
- Soak your feet in warm water for about 5-10 minutes a day to help soften and loosen the skin. Showers and baths count as well!
- This process is different for everyone: some people experience the process around day 5 and others around day 10. It depends how rough, dry and callused your feet were to begin with. 

If you wish to use another foot peeling mask, please wait at least 5 weeks in between applications to avoid irritation and over-sensitizing of the skin.