bath pillow

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Upgrade your bath time - we'll help you.

The self-care upgrade you didn't know you needed. Sinking into a hot steamy bath after a long day is the perfect way to relax, but leaning against that hard porcelain surface gets uncomfortable and awkward real fast. Make sure you treat your head right with a cushy, soft pillow and transform your simple tub into an at-home spa.

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Complete with 7 non-slip suction cups to effortlessly secure it to your bathtub, jacuzzi, or any flat surface you can dream of

Waterproof & easy to clean - just wipe with a cloth to clean with zero stress

Maintains proper alignment of your neck and back to minimize spinal pressure, supporting your head and shoulders for the ultimate relaxation

1. Secure the suction cups found at the back of the pillow to your bathtub or jacuzzi.

2. Sit back and relax!

Upgrading your bath time
Avoiding sore neck and shoulders
Turning your regular tub into a spa

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why we love it

Making me-time the best time is our specialty, so we created our bath pillow and wrapped all those feel-goods into one cushy package. Its orthopedic two-panel design helps keep your head, shoulders, and neck supported during your soak - and it's designed to fit tubs of all shapes and sizes. It's just the right combination of firm and comfortable.

how to use

1. Secure the suction cups found at the back of the pillow to your bathtub or jacuzzi.

2. Sit back and relax!

Customer Reviews

Based on 307 reviews
Super cheap

All but two of the suction cups have fallen off. I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Customer service was not helpful.

Super cheap

All but the two of suction cups have fallen off. Super cheap pillow and customer service says they only stand behind their products for 30 days.

absolutely amazing

bought it for my best friends who loves baths and she loves it! makes her bath so much comfier and relaxing. defo recommend

Arli D
Bask in the bath

I bought this for a friend who is very pleased with the product

Robin S
Great bath pillow- supportive and comfy!

I love this pillow- it was the right choice to swap out my inflatable for this one

Michal Woll
So luxurious

It almost feels too soft and cushy to be a bath pillow. But it is!!

Rachel P
Nice but a little clunky

This pillow was comfortable the first time I used it but after laying on it for awhile in the tub, I noticed the fabric got a little scratchy. Plus the suction cups didn't hold very well so it kept sliding down (though maybe that was a user error, as I forgot to wipe down the tub where I placed the suction cups so maybe that explains why it didn't stock well the first use). I like the hook on it to hang it up to dry afterwards. Time will tell how well it drys (without mildewing) and how durable it is.