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Foot Files Set

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Includes: 1 Coarse Callus Grater Rasp and 2 Fine Foot Files.

Rely on Grace & Stella's foot files set to get your heels through thin and thick calluses. This set comes with 1 coarse callus file for removing thick and hard calluses and 2 fine foot files for sloughing off some built-up dead skin and maintaining your soft feet.

COARSE CALLUS GRATER RASP: For severely callused, dry feet. 

On clean, dry feet, carefully pass the blade side across callused areas and increase pressure as needed. Use the with caution. 

FINE FOOT FILES: Removes minor calluses and dry skin from feet. Can be used wet or dry. 

With gentle pressure, scrub away at your dry areas to reveal softer looking feet. Use the fine foot file every 5-7 days, or as needed.

Care: Wash tools with soap and water after each use to prolong their longevity.

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