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Top 10 Adulting Fails We Can All Relate To

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We’ve all had that moment when adulting is simply just not happening! No one tells you how hard it can be to be responsible for your own life 😭

Here are our own top 10 Adulting Fails and we hope you can relate to this as much as we do 🤣

Same girl. Same. 

Not joking. Where can we sign up?


We didn't know how good we had it....


Just a suggestion but can they please teach us how to do normal adult tasks in school...


Brb. Just gonna buy detergent. 



I am not adult enough to be responsible for myself


Still have to take a deep breath before purchasing our $5 coffee 😭


PLZ send help


Really. Adulting prepping classes would be good. 


Never related to anything more than this 🙈

Maybe it's just us but knowing that everyone else has no idea what they're doing makes us feel better 😭

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