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How to Prep Your Hair for Cold Weather

September 27 2018 – Grace & Stella Co.

How to Prep Your Hair for Cold Weather

How to Prep Your Hair for Cold Weather

It's officially Fall and we are feeling the cold weather here in Vancouver, already!
We shared some tips on how to prep your skin for a smooth transition from Summer to Fall a few weeks ago (find them here) but what about your hair? Haircare often gets neglected so here are some easy tips and tricks to keep your hair strong, sleek and shiny through the colder seasons:
Dry Hair FTW
We're all guilty of doing this in the Summer but venturing out in the cold with wet, or even damp, hair is a huge no-no. Your hair is super vulnerable when wet so be sure that it's completely dry when you go outside to reduce chances of breakage!
Eat, Hydrate and Repeat
Dry weather equals a drier scalp, which means you need extra moisture! Try our gorgeous Rescue My Hair Mask (named aptly, we promise) to keep your hair super soft and shiny throughout any season!
Wash Your Hair Less, Yassssss
General office consensus is that hair-wash day is a dreaded day but we have good news! In colder months, it's recommended to wash your hair less frequently than usual in order to maintain enough moisture in your locks. When you do wash your hair, make sure to use a hydrating shampoo & conditioner like ours (made with Argan Oil 😍 - check it out here) to combat the dry weather.
Frizz No More
You might think you're protecting your hair from the windy or cold weather but tucking your hair into your coat or jacket is actually more damaging than keeping it out! The friction caused by your collar can lead to frizzy and broken hair so be sure to keep your hair outside of that jacket 💁🏼
Knot Today 🙅🏼
Between the heat in your home and the harsh cold weather outside, your hair is CONFUSED. In addition to your hats and scarves tangling your hair, this can cause knots and create breakage. Make sure to brush your hair carefully and consistently, especially in the colder months!
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