Outdoor Party Planning Tips

'Tis the Season... for patio parties! There's nothing better than great food and yummy drinks outside with friends and family 😍 
Here are some simple tips and tricks for you to take your outdoor parties to the next level!
1) Be Prepared
Make sure you know how many guests you're expecting so that you can have enough seating for everyone, plus a few extra chairs just in case! Picnic blankets are also a great idea for any overspill 🙌
2) Give Guests a Heads Up
If you decide to fire up the grill for your main food items, let guests know what time you're planning on having the food ready so that no one has to eat cold burgers! Also, it's always a good idea to have weatherproof nibbles to keep out throughout the party to avoid any hungry guests. Don't forget to have vegetarian and vegan food options available!
3) Bug Off
Pretty much the only downside to drinking and eating outdoors is the bugs. Be sure to provide guests with bug spray or wipes or, if you'd like a more natural option, our Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil makes for a great repellent! You can see how here.
Pro tip: Go the extra mile and provide sunscreen for guests for extra brownie points 🙋 We all forget to apply sometimes!
4) Shake It Up
Outdoor spaces don't typically have a structure, where indoor areas do. Set up different seating areas to create a good flow for your party and facilitate more natural conversations between guests!   
5) Quality over Quantity
Decorations are always a good idea but with outdoor parties, less is more! Keep a simple theme and let nature do most of the work 😉 
6) Let There Be Light
If you're planning for your party to continue into the night, don't forget that you'll need lighting! Fairy lights, lanterns, or battery-operated candles are a few inexpensive suggestions to keep your party LIT. Yes, we said lit.
7) Bottoms Up!
We love a good DIY drink station - set up a table as a makeshift bar and lay out your alcohol (or non-alcoholic beverages), as well as any garnishes or mixes to go with them. A few cute straws, signs and streamers are more than enough to take your station to the next level! 
Pro tip: Supply frozen berries as a substitute to ice! Trust us, this tastes amazing in wine and champagne 😍
diy drink station
8) That's S'more Like It
Do we really need to explain this one? S'mores are pretty much a necessity for outdoor events, indoor events, special occasions, Tuesday's... etc. 
Ughhhhhhhhh, just so good. Okay, one more.
BRB, going to make smores immediately.

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