Incorporating Wellness into Your Daily Routine

We're all about wellness here at grace & stella¬†ūüíē This means¬†consciously making choices toward a more fulfilling lifestyle, in terms of the eight dimensions of wellness:
There are so many different ways to incorporate wellness into your daily routine but sometimes it can feel overwhelming.
We've got you, though! We put together some easy but impactful suggestions on how to improve your wellness daily:
1. Hydration is Key
You've probably heard this one thousand times before but drink. lots. of. water. We can't stress enough the difference that being properly hydrated makes to your mind and body. The same applies to your skin - be sure to stay moisturized with products packed with great ingredients like our Rose Facial Spray Mist and Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Masks! 
2. Write It Down
Brain dumps are amazing things. Try to take five minutes a day to sit down with a pen and paper, or your laptop, and write out everything that is circulating in your mind. This clears your mind, gives you more insight into your feelings and makes better sense of them, helping you to understand yourself more. 
3. Think Positively 
By making a habit of taking an extra minute to reframe your perspective of a situation to see it in a more positive light, you can make a HUGE difference to your life. Negativity can bring on stress and actually damage your immune system, in addition to being a huge drain of energy. By reducing, or eliminating, your negative thoughts, you'll feel lighter and free up mental space to focus on more important things! 
4. Me, Myself and I
Make time for yourself on a daily basis whether it's ten minutes or a few hours, it's so important to spend time doing something for yourself daily. Having some "me time" every day is vital in the journey of becoming happier and healthier! 
5. Love Yourself
Being kind to yourself impacts every single thing we think or do. Self-love is so crucial in increasing confidence and positivity, strengthening relationships, and leading a more fulfilling life. Our beloved RuPaul summarizes it best with the words...
We hope these tips motivate you to practice wellness on a daily basis!¬†We'd love for you to leave a comment with any other tips you may have below ūüíē‚ú®

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