Get Ready to FALL in love with our Rose Duo

We recently added two products, Rose Quartz Derma Facial Roller and the Rose Facial Spray Mist to our collection and we are in LOVE!


Rose Quartz Derma Facial Roller 

Rose and Jade rollers have been used for centuries especially in China as part of daily skin routine. These rollers are perfect for giving yourself a facial massage to ease puffiness, tension and stress!t It drains the lymphatic system, helping to detox your skin!  

Rose Quartz Derma Facial Roller  

Although there isn't much difference between Rose Quartz and Jade, Rose Quartz is said to stay cooler for longer. Rose Quartz lower stress, restore self-esteem and confidence as well as balancing emotions... YES PLEASE! 

Rose Quartz Roller

Rolling Tips:
1. Always roll on clean, make up free face.
2. Start at your neck and roll down and the roll out to the side of your neck to open up the lymphatic channel.
3. Start at your chin and roll out to either side of your face! The goal is to roll towards your   lymph nodes.
4. You can use the smaller side of the roller for above your lip   and around your eyes.
5. Roll up and out on your  forehead!
6. Don't roll back and forth as this will drag your skin. 
7. You can also use a facial oil and then roll.                                                                              

Rose Facial Spray Mist 

THIS BABY IS LIFE CHANGING! Hydrating sprays have been around for quite a while now but did you know they're not all the same? YUP. Some are just water and there are others like the Rose Facial Spray Mist where there are other ingredients added like aloe vera and collagen for optimum hydration! 

Rose Facial Mist spray

Top Tips:

1. Give your face a spritz before you apply your moisturizer.

2. Use it as many times throughout the day. If you find that it's too wet, just dab it with a tissue! 

3. Looking for a natural setting spray for your make up? Yup. Spray away!

We hope you love these two products as much as we do because we are straight up OBSESSED! For both of these products, you can use them as much or as little as you like so roll and spray to your hearts content! Oh and these two would make the perfect Christmas gift too... Just saying 😘

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you! 




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