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20 Memes to get you through any rough day

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Let’s face it. Memes bring us so much joy.  From those that sum up your life to those that make you laugh out loud, there's a meme out there for every occasion. 

Here are our top 20 favorite memes to help you through any rough day.


Whispers to dog meme

Like does anyone else try and pet every dog they see?


Baby meme

 We’ve definitely said 2018 was our year.


Deep regrets meme

That moment when you have deep regrets for what you did when you had money


Slay Meme

Like do you even slay?


Makeup meme

When you think you've finally succeeded in blinding yourself



Crying frog meme

Would a deep conditioner work instead?



Spongebob meme

Puppy filter, don’t fail me now


Dwight meme

Every time we put on our sheet masks….


YOLO.... Not



*Cue dramatic music: "I am the Mother of Avocados" 



 “Just be a minute. Looking for my charger”



Serious. 2018 is the year



Anyone else feel this?



But you never tagged me back!


*Heart pounding. Getting ready to be surprised when the card gets declined.


Waiting for the ground to swallow you up like



Shell of a human.


“It’s fine”



 Diet starts next month 




Permanent mood.


One last one

Hope this brightened your day up! 

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