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Yes, having a really bad time on the most romantic day of the year is horrible. It’s not fun at all. All of your friends tomorrow will be asking you “So, how was your Valentine’s Day?!” and you’ll just stay straight-faced, turn around and walk away. Three brave members of our team took the road down the not-so-great memory lane to join whoever had a bad Valentine’s Day this year. You are not alone. Valentine’s Day can suck - here is by how much: 

Tears for Dessert 
Tears were shed. Eyelashes came off. Appetite was lost. People were staring. 
Long story short: It was my first V-Day with my boyfriend at that time, and he took me to a fancy restaurant downtown. Just as the food came, my best friend called and was upset, talking about how her boyfriend didn't do anything for her that day. Being the caring friend I am, I'm consoling her and not realizing that my boyfriend is getting impatient and upset with me. I probably talked to her for 5 minutes. After I hung up, he ripped me a new one for being on my phone at dinner. Being the Sensitive Sally I am, I started crying at the dinner table. The worst part is being forced to eat your food when you are crying and have no appetite. You can imagine how I looked: eyelashes coming off, beet-red face, tears streaming, reluctantly eating my food, while diners stared. To top it off, I had to walk out at the end holding the flowers he bought me. We both looked miserable. Needless to say, I don't ever answer my phone when I'm out to dinner with someone. 






Adam's Very Shitty Experience... Literally 

I was dating a girl who was best friends with my ex. The ex had said it's okay for us to date so we thought everything was cool. I had broken up with my ex around New Years and this was around the middle of February. I loved my ex's dog, Pluto, and would go running with the little guy every other weekend (That's actually how we met - she was out walking the dog and I was out running). It was Valentine's Day in 2008 or 2009 and I remember it fell on a weekend, so I messaged my ex and said I wanted to take Pluto for a run; she replied with something like "Sorry, he's busy today." I thought she was purposely not letting me take him for a run because it was Valentine's Day, so I just ignored her. Later that evening my date and I were out for a dinner at a local Italian restaurant. After a nice big meaty meal, when we returned back to my place, I found dog poop spread over half of my bed sheets, with one rose that looked like it was 40 years old and a card lying on the other half of the bed, which read "This is what Pluto was busy doing today". It turned out that she was livid that I was dating her best friend. Since then I have learnt not to date an ex's best friend or to give spare keys to my house to any girl.




No Wallet, No Boyfriend 
The day was going wonderful. The boyfriend I was with at the time decided that he would pay for the activities during the day and that I would pay for dinner at night. I thought that was fair and we had such an amazing time during the day that I knew dinner would be the perfect way to end Valentine's Day. The restaurant was perfectly lit with soft lights for a romantic dinner. I remember we got the table near the window which was beautiful. At the start of the dinner, we starting bickering. Bickering turned into
arguing and all of a sudden, here we were, fighting on Valentine's Day in a restaurant. As soon as the argument took a turn for the worse, the food landed on our table. With
neither of us wanting to forcefully eat beside each other we got it packed up. How awkward is that!? You just got your plated food but then you ask for it to-go on Valentine's Day!? So awkward. Since it was my turn to pay for dinner when we got the check I went into my purse to find my wallet. My wallet was gone! My purse was there but not my wallet. I started crying because this just made it so much worse. So my boyfriend was now upset about how he has to pay for the whole day. I didn't purposely lose my wallet but he thought so. I soon got dropped off at home with no wallet, no food and no boyfriend.

So if you have had a bad Valentine's Day - it's all good! You have a computer, grab some wine and just binge shop. You'll feel so good tomorrow morning knowing that you are going to have a few special packages arriving soon! 


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